Vogels ToastTone Cooking Apron Review

Vogel’s ToastTone Cooking Apron

Reviewed David Savage

I recently review a cooking apron from Vogel’s ToastTone range. It is a white heavy duty 100% cotton apron with Crispy Tart on the front (other designs are available).

I decided to use it while cooking a fried breakfast (not healthy I know, but I love it) and the apron is great. As it is quite thick I was protected from any splashes from the hot fat and keep any fat stains from getting on my clothes. After using it for a few days I decided to wash it and it came out clean but did not lose its shape.

Overall, this is an excellent quality cooking apron and will keep you protected from food splashes.

Size: One Size (Length 32″ approx)

Rating: 5/5

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