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Viners Dune 18/10 16 Piece Cutlery Set Giftbox Review

Reviewed by Paul Magnan

I must admit that when it comes to my kitchen, I love having quality items which co-ordinate. I was there for very excited to be offered the Viners Dune 18/10 16 Piece Cutlery Set Giftbox to review. It arrived quickly and very well packaged.  

The box looks stunning and it was a good indication of what the product itself would be like. The set is crafted from the finest quality 18.10 stainless steel and contains 4 place settings (four table knives, four table forks, four dessert spoons and four tea spoons). In the past I have made the mistake of buying budget cutlery sets and other kitchen items to only have to replace them a few months down the line. I was therefore delighted to see that the cutlery set I received has a 50-year guarantee of excellence. A family member’s face lit up when she saw the cutlery set, it’s nicer than anything she has ever owned.

The set looks stunning and the design is just right – not too much. I love the mirror polish look. The items are comfortable to hold as the handles are contoured and feel substantial. There’s nothing worse than trying to eat your dinner with a fork that bends. I have also known an orange looking substance to build up on budget sets which I have purchased. This is really off putting. We have used the set several times now and it looks good as new even after several washes. 

Whilst this set is not cheap at £55, I think that it is worth the investment as the set is of very good, sturdy quality, hard wearing and rust resistant. 

We have been lucky to review another lovely Viners item, the Titan Copper 6 Piece Knife Block. This too was top qualify and looked amazing. I would definitely purchase more Viners products in the future.

Want even better value? Viners are currently running a May Bank Holiday Sale. If you buy one 16 piece set, you get another absolutely free and the Dune set is in the promotion.

An excellent quality set of cutlery that is good for everyday use as well as special occasions.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £55

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