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Utomik Gaming Subscription Review

Reviewed by Karlie Odziemski 

I was really excited to be chosen for the Utomik gaming subscription for 3 months. I really enjoy playing PC, games and this website gives you lots of games to choose from (currently 1034 games with more being added all the time). The games range in age suitability, from young to the more advanced older child/ teenager, and even a large selection of games that adults will enjoy. As there are so many games to choose from this would be ideal for someone who jumps from game to game. With the number of games to choose from, there is something to suit every taste. Whatever you are interested in within the game world, you can find something on this site. The games include, puzzles, Mystery, horror, time management, far too many to list them all.

All you have to pay to have a Utomik monthly subscription is £5.99, but the best thing is you get the first 14 days free (so you can make sure it is something you like first). This subscription could be cancelled at any time you are not tied into any contracts, but I don’t see why anyone would do that, as the price of the subscription is very cheap compared to other game sites.

To get an idea of how younger children enjoy this site, I let my younger brother play on these games. He changes his mind a lot, when it comes to what games he wants to play. When he wanted to change the game, all he had to do is look for a category of the type of game he wants to play, and within a couple minuets he is right back into playing. Utomik add new games every couple days, so the selection feels like it is never ending.

I have played a couple of these games and the graphics are up to date, no lag at all, colours are nice and bright the layout of Utomik is not hard to find your way around, all nice and simple. When loading some games you can play them before it is 100% loaded as they run in the background so you have no delay.

With Utomik, the games are installed on to your computer and if you don’t have a big storage space it will be hard to play many games, it is hard to find the uninstall button once you have installed a game when you are done with it and don’t want to play no more.

When you are on your homepage you can see how many games you have played out of the total amount of games available at the moment I have played 10 games out of 1034 and it is nice to see how many more games there are that you haven’t tried.

On Utomik there are no AAA games which is a downside because most of the notable games are from 2013 – 2014 and the majority of the games on here are indie games, which isn’t a bad thing but I would like to see more of the main steam games on here (although that would probably push up the price).

So, look no further if you are wanting a gift idea for someone who loves their games. This would be an excellent Christmas present with a prepaid gift card.

The base system requirements for Utomik are:

  • Windows 7 or a newer version of Windows.
  • An internet connection.

Rating: 4/5

Price: Personal plan £5.99 per month / Family Plan £7.99 per month

For more information, to start a subscription or buy a prepaid gift card visit

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