Truprint Personalised Mother’s Day Card Review


Reviewed by Lisa Lambert

Truprint do lots of personalised things and it’s something I have always fancied trying but always thought it would be really hard to do.

Well how wrong was I, really easy to set account up just all the normal contact info you would be asked for then away you go. I decided to choose a mother’s day card for my mother-in-law who lives in Newcastle as I wanted to include a picture of my twins for her. It was really easy to find the selection for mother’s days cards using the menus and there were loads to choose from.

Once you have chosen your card, or gift that you wish to personalise you then are taken to a menu to choose your picture and it couldn’t be more simple to load your pictures you can use photos you have on Facebook or upload form you PC, really easy to do. You just follow the step by step process adding your picture(s) and words you can change colours, fonts, cut and crop photos lots of editing options.

Once you complete the personalisation you review what the finished product will look like before adding to the basket.

I bought 2 cards and its took me about 10 minutes from start to finish to personalise them, loading photos, cropping, changing layout etc… and paying for them which I though was brilliant as they make such a special card.

You can have the card delivered to the person directly or you can have them delivered with envelope you home address, I had mine delivered to me as I want to give it personally. The cards are extremely well made and good quality card is used. The image was exactly what I expected it to be and the words perfect.

I am really pleased with how the cards turned out and this is definitely how I will be ordering special cards in the future as they are not anything you can just buy off a shelf.

The cards I purchased were £2.99 each which for the special card you get I think is very reasonable price.

They do lots of other personalised gifts and I think I will try some of these out for special occasion coming up.

Rating: 5/5

Mother’s Day cards from 50p to £2.99.

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