Tribells Restaurant Llandudno Review

Llandudno, North Wales

Reviewed by Laura Fairbairn

Tribells is a restaurant in the heart of Llandudno and has a takeaway attached to the main restaurant for those who would prefer to take their food to the promenade or the famous Llandudno pier.

When we first approached the restaurant I wasn’t sure what to expect as the exterior doesn’t give much away about the recent refurbishments that have taken place inside. There is an A4 sized menu next to the main entrance that displays the new dishes that are available, but this could be easily missed – the restaurant would perhaps draw in even more business if the menu was more easily noticeable.

One through the doors, you cannot fail to immediately notice the thought and effort that has gone into the planning for the refurbishment – the restaurant is  designed in an elegant,  modern style with a hint of ‘American diner’ crossed with ‘seaside bistro’. The walls are not filled with unnecessary ‘clutter’, the owners have instead opted to include a feature wall with a beautiful floor-to-ceiling painting of the Llandudno promenade. The seating is very comfortable and the wooden tables are smart and solid – not a wobbly table in sight!

One thing I always look at in a restaurant is the cleanliness of the bathroom facilities as I have to admit I subscribe to the theory that if a venue can’t keep this area clean then they probably don’t keep their kitchens a 100% clean either. There is nothing to worry about with Tribells – whilst they do not seem to have refurbished this area as well, it was very clean and that is far more important.

The menu is very interesting and definitely not a ‘typical chippy menu’! There is a good selection of starters that would appeal to a variety of tastes. We had the ‘Pate with Melba Toast’ and the ‘Cheesy Garlic Bread’; both were great in terms of portion size and the Cheesy Garlic Bread was the best we have ever had in a restaurant – very cheesy! The pate was also very nice, but I personally prefer to have it with toasted ciabatta or something similar – this is perhaps personal taste more than anything else, but this would have made the starter perfect for me.


The main courses were absolutely wonderful! We opted for the Sea Bass and the steak, both of which were sourced locally – something that is very important to the owner and appreciated by the customers. The sea bass was cooked perfectly and accompanied by lettuce and potatoes. The only thing I would have changed is the amount of potato – for me it was a little too much and I would have preferred more salad, but I am sure not everyone would agree! The steak was ordered to be medium-rare and was ever-so-slightly overdone, but not so much that it was worth complaining about! It was still delicious, clearly good quality and accompanied by a wonderful selection of extras! Would definitely order both again.


For dessert, we chose the waffles and sticky toffee pudding. There is absolutely nothing negative to say about either of them, they were amazing! In fact, just writing about them is making me want to go back and have more.

We had a super evening at the restaurant and really did enjoy the food. We were lucky enough to meet the owner and he is very passionate about his work and makes a point of knowing where all his stock comes from so there is a real sense of traceability.

We would not hesitate to visit the restaurant again or recommend it to others!

I would give the restaurant as it is 4.5 out of 5 – if some slight adjustments were made to the bathroom facilities and the exterior of the restaurant it would easily achieve 5 out of 5.

Rating: 4.5/5

Tribells Restaurant. 10 Lloyd Street, Llandudno, Conwy, LL30 2YA | 01492 878296

4 half Star

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