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Treasure X Kings Gold Playset Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

My 7-year-old twins really love playset type toys so when we were offered the Treasure X Kings Gold playset to review I jumped at it. The box itself looks so exciting. You cannot wait to open it and see what the playset has to offer. Usually when we get a new toy my little boys are chomping at the bit to get into it and to play, I was glad to find out that the contents could be removed quickly and easily. What struck me above everything was the quality of the playset and the variety of the contents. The toy is suitable for age 5+. 

The box contains the following:

  • 1x Playset
  • 1x King figure
  • 1x King’s crown
  • 1x Real gold dipped crown insert
  • 2x Mini beasts
  • 1x Vault
  • 10x coins
  • 3x magic rock vessels
  • 4x bugs
  • 2x keys
  • 3x standard treasures
  • 1x shield
  • 1x shield insert
  • 1x sword
  • 1x x tool
  • 1x collector’s guide

The aim of the playset is to complete all 30 levels and release the king from his tomb. As part of the process you actually find guaranteed real gold dipped treasure. The instructions were clear and we could see which step to take in which order. My favourite part was taking the glasses off of the skull and poking its eyes to open the container. 

The 30 levels are interesting and a challenge to complete.The digging for treasure activity in my opinions looks the most fun. I think it’s important to teach children to keep trying and this playset offers that opportunity. If you cannot figure something out then you can keep giving it a try until you figure it out. I love the fact that the playset also contains traps to watch out for. I particularly loved the mini beasts, another firm favourite was the golden sword. This playset offers hours of play value. A big plus with it is that you can still play with it once you have completed the tasks. I love the fact that the characters can climb up the ladder and watch out from the upper platforms. The thought that must have gone into this toy! My personal favourite part of this toy is the vault.

I love any toy where you can work as a team to achieve a goal as they can give everyone such a sense of achievement. I think that this playset would make a lovely gift idea for a child in your life. It’s something that I think they would enjoy playing with for years to come and is such good quality that I think it could be passed on for another child to enjoy. As a parent who likes having my children’s’ toys organised and packed away in between use, this playset is perfect as you can keep all of the contents inside the container. As a parent one of my bug bears is not being able to keep parts of toys organised and together. I recommend this playset wholeheartedly to others.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £49.99

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