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Top eight tips for keeping kids entertained whilst helping them learn during half term


With the October half term quickly approaching, the little ones will soon be causing mayhem around the home in need of entertainment for a week. This is a fantastic time to make the most of precious days together and quality time with the kids, but also a great chance to help them keep learning and building upon their first weeks of school.

Learning during the holidays doesn’t have to mean sitting down for hours practicing numbers and letters, but can be about introducing fun ways to absorb skills by working and exploring new places and subjects together.


  1. DO arrange a meet up – having just started school in September, your child will have hopefully made lots of new friends in the playground so asking among local friends and arranging meet ups, like a picnic or a visit to the local playground, is a great way to solidify these
  2. DO practise counting – up to 10 in your daily activities, as this forms the core of maths learning in the first year of school – start looking at basic sums using practical items around the house
  3. DO introduce books and stories – so your little one can continue seeing how letters correspond to sounds and words to sentences. Sharing and reading a story together, pointing out specific sounds, helps to gently support this. LeapStart can provide additional support by helping children to recognise words and phonics through a range of fun activities
  4. DO see using apps as a positive to help – we all worry about too much screen time but good quality, well designed apps can be an engaging way to learn
  5. DO role play – to help your child to feel comfortable approaching and talking to their teachers and to not be intimidated. With LeapFrog’s Count Along Till kids can run their own shop and use their imagination through role play, also aiding their number recognition and social play skills
  6. DO practice sitting still!  – practice for half an hour at first and introduce sedentary activities, for example, completing a jigsaw puzzle, to help with this
  7. DO encourage basic etiquette and social skills  –  namely taking turns and listening when others speak. LeapStart helps children with basic communication, social and ‘life’ skills
  8. DO remind them how to recognise their name and other basic words and letters. With Leaping Letters, children race against the clock to find correct spots for all the letters, giving a recap of the alphabet in a fun, word-building game


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