Tips for Sending a Parcel Cheaply

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Choosing the cheapest way to send a parcel is every customer or company’s top priority. But how is it possible to send a parcel in the minimum amount. Many couriers offer various rates for the same parcel some charge high while others charge low. Mostly the well-reputed companies providing delivery services charge a bit higher than the low rated companies.

You might be thinking of your parcel booking for shipment that how to pack it or make it deliver with the lowest possible amount and with the well-reputed delivery service provider. Different delivery companies have different rates of parcels or shipments which is based on various factors. Primarily on the weight of the parcel and urgency to deliver. Of course, the urgent ones will cost a higher rate because the services are express and urgently initiated as soon as you hand over your parcel. We will tell you some important tips which are going to help you in delivering your parcel cheaply.

Pack It Light

The weight and size of the main thing on which the shipment cost depends. If your packaging box is big enough, it will cost you more or if you packaging material is heavy enough to increase the weight of your parcel will end up in an expensive shipment delivery. So, it is advisable to pack your parcel in a minimum but the well-protected packaging and in a box which is a little bigger than the actual parcel. These both will minimize the cost of your parcel delivery.

Choose Slow Delivery Time

The urgent or same day delivery charges you more than if you choose a slower delivery time option. If your parcel is not an urgent one you can save money by sending it in a regular way rather than choosing the express or urgent delivery.

Try To Send In Bulk

If you have more than one parcel for the same address, then it is advisable to send them at once. The more the bulk of our parcel the more you’ll save. It is a common thing for every delivery service provider to offer you lower rates if you are sending two or more parcels rather than one.


Compare different delivery provider’s rates to get the lowest rates and then book your parcel with that provider. Many companies offer a very cheap rate of delivering parcels, but they don’t provide other facilities which are useful for the customer. Like many companies don’t have the facility of tracking the parcel once given which will be of no use if you save money. Because knowing your parcel status is also important. Without tracking, you don’t know where your parcel is roaming about and how much more time it is going to take till it is being delivered at the destination location and recipient. So always compare the rates different companies offer and their services which they offer.

Being savvy and following these tips can help you in saving your money and sending your parcel in the cheapest possible way. Just don’t forget to compare and trust on the reviews by the customers who already use the services. You can check the reliability and safety profile of the courier over the internet or by physically visiting them before handing over your parcel to them.

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