Tiger Tiger Manchester Review

Tiger Tiger

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

I was recently asked to review Tiger Tiger in Manchester along with a few other reviewers. As I had never been there I jumped at the chance and was really excited when we were told what the night would entail (meal, champers, karaoke and VIP area).

We went along on a Friday evening and found the place with ease, we were shown to our table and the first thing I noticed was how loud the music was. I sat beside a fellow reviewer and couldn't hear a word she was saying to me. I popped to the toilet before going for dinner and found them easily and they were very clean but only one sink worked the others had tap handles missing or were taped off so unable to use, as you can imagine one sink in the loos meant a queue to wash hands.

We were soon shown to our table in the restaurant by our host Robin and handed a menu each and poured a glass of champagne and given 2 bottles of wine to drink whilst we scoured the menu. After a while a waitress took our order, I opted for the Chickpea and Spinach Burger and jammy biscuit cheesecake to follow. Both courses looked delicious and presented extremely well and tasted pretty good to. The burger was presented to me on a wooden board which I thought made it look even more tempting and the dessert was a feast for the eyes.

I had no problem with either of my courses but know a few of the others had a few problems but I will let them tell you in their review.

After the meal Robin took us upstairs to our karaoke pod and we were told we had 2 hours in there. The lady running the pods showed us how to use it and even gave us 2 jugs if cocktails. My opinion of the pod was I thought it would be a lot better. We had a box of props to wear/use whilst singing but we found almost every one to be broken unfortunately. The pod itself was very small and we didn't have much room to move about when all 6 of us were in there together but found it a different way to spend a Friday night.

I found the decor of the pods could be improved on a lot as it was very plain looking and really wasn't anything special.

We also had the chance to use the VIP area of the club but but 1.30am we were all shattered and ready for our beds so we declined this offer.

My overall opinion is…

To me Tiger Tiger will always be a nightclub and the restaurant looks really odd just sat next to the front door. With a few tweaks and finishing touches it could look really beautiful in there but in my opinion it looked odd.

The food was hot and delicious, I enjoyed my food but found the prices for both drinks and food higher than I would normally be prepared to pay dining out.

If you are looking for a fun few hours then I do recommend the karaoke pod but I won't be visiting again in the near future.

Rating: 3.5/5

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