THX Total Hair Experts Turn up the Heat Digital Straighteners Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

Having quite possibly the most awkward and difficult to style mid-length hair, I was really excited to try the THX Digital Hair Straighteners. My old, basic straighteners, which have absolutely seen better days, are certainly not the love of my life at the moment! They take a while to heat up, and it can be difficult and fiddly to know what temperature they are at, and how close to being heated up they are. I also don’t feel they ever actually get to their highest temperature, as my hair never seems to be smooth and sleek after I’ve used them. I had very high hopes for these ones!

They arrived really nicely packaged, they certainly looked like a premium product and the way they were displayed in the box means they would make a lovely and impressive gift. They weren’t too difficult to extract from the packaging, and I really liked the lime green storage bag and attached heatproof mat to protect my dressing table. They had a lovely matte, slightly rubberised texture which I found made them very easy to grip and hold.

After reading through the clear and simple instructions, I plugged the straighteners in and used the button to turn them on. The next bit is where they get impressive; you set the temperature using buttons to the desired level which is shown on a digital display. You can pop the product on your dressing table (on the included heatproof mat, of course), and watch how quickly the temperature climbs. Mine reached their maximum operating temperature in 12 seconds. Incredibly impressive! The cord was also impressively long (2.5 metres). I was able to stand up and move around to style my hair and didn’t feel restricted.

I found the straighteners really lovely and easy to use. They glided beautifully through my hair, and didn’t pull or catch at all. The easy to adjust and variable temperature setting meant that I could get the heat just right and I know what my ideal temperature setting is  – I found 190 was just about right for my short and medium thickness hair. My hair stayed shiny, glossy and nicely straight for several hours after styling, so I was delighted with the job they did.

I honestly can’t fault this product. I have never owned a pair of ‘decent’ straighteners before, so can’t compare to an expensive pair of GHDs for example. But I was really pleased with the job they did (they knocked the socks off my existing £45 pair) and I do think they represented very reasonable value for money.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £60

Available to buy from

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