The Snowman Lowry Theatre Review

The Snowman
Lowry Theatre

23 November 2011 – 26 November 2011

Reviewed by Lucy Knight

The play we viewed was based on the 1978 book and the captivating 1982 animated film .The snowman tells the tale of a young boy who builds a snowman on Christmas Eve, for it to come to life and take him on an adventure. They go ‘walking in the air’ across the world to the North Pole and meet Father Christmas and dance the night away with snowmen from across the world.

We arrived at the theatre as the play was starting to a packed out show filled with children of all ages and adults. The play begins in James’ house, moving on to the scene where he builds the snowman in his garden.

During the night the snowman came to life after James came outside and prodded him. The audience gave a great cheer as the snowman jumped up. The two of them lark about in the house with the cat, dance and hold a limbo contest with tropical fruits and dress up in James’s parents clothes.

Just before the interval, the pair go ‘walking in the air’, to the famous song we all know and love, which left the audience in awe. The second half sees the duo arrive at the North Pole to meet Santa and a number of snowmen from across the world, including Scotland and China, as well as an ice princess. However they come across a nasty villain named Jack Frost, who is fighting for the attention of the ice princess.

The show ends with James finding the snowman melted in the garden, nevertheless he re-appears for another dance with the rest of the cast. The audience clapped along to the beat of the music, cheering and enjoying every minute. As the cast left snow fell from the ceiling, covering all of those below.

The snowman was a magical evening, which kept my 21-month-old daughter entranced throughout, with fellow audience members commenting how well behaved she was. This is because the show was so enjoyable. I would recommend the Snowman to young and old and would rate it 5 out of 5.

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