The Haywain Basildon South Review

The Haywain
Basildon South

Reviewed by Emily Draycott

I love our local Beefeater restaurant, The Haywain in Basildon South, and our latest visit just confirms every reason why.

Firstly there's plenty of parking and this means we can drive there, have a drink then abandon the car until the next day. Which is handy because for the sake of a few minutes on the computer completing a simple survey from our previous visit we come equipped with a voucher for a free bottle of wine!

Sunday’s are always busy but having pre-booked and asked for a table where we can keep the double buggy up we are seated without delay and drinks are ordered before our coats are off.

Having been our local eatery for almost 18 months we know the menu by heart and it would be good to see a few changes from time to time – or perhaps a special. Having just decided I need to lose the baby weight, a calorie guide (as is provided on the menu of the closest geographical competitor) would be a welcome addition too.

I fancy something not on the menu to start to aide with my diet and I ask for my roast potatoes to be substituted for mash plus the gravy on the side. Not even a raised eyebrow from our smiley waiter just a scribbled note and I have no doubt my meal will come exactly as requested. 

My parents both being veggie means the Beefeater isn't their preferred eatery but the waiter reassures soup of the day is suitable fodder and dad opts, like me, for the not on the menu melon starter.

As we have come to expect, food and drinks come as needed, when needed, with accompaniments and a perfect balance of waiter availability but not intrusion. The babies are not in accommodating mode today and I'm feeding when the mains arrive. Not all restaurants would ask if I'd like my meal kept warm – but I opt for one handed dining.

No one flickers or stares at a crying baby, the atmospheric din drowns out most of the racket but strangely before babies I don't ever recall dining here being noisy – just buzzy and family orientated.

The bill is never unexpected. Reasonable prices for fair and hearty meals, where there's something for everyone and even our smallest family members are more than welcome.

Great food and excellent service.

Rating: 5/5

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