The Parrot’s Tale by Miller Caldwell Review


Reviewed by Anna McKernon

I was selected to review the book, ‘The Parrot’s Tale by Miller Caldwell.

The story focuses on the travels of Kofi, an escaped African Grey Parrot, and the people he encounters along the way. The story also focuses on Harry, Kofi’s owner, and his own journey taken as he attempts to locate his missing Parrot. Throughout Harry’s travels he is joined by John, a new friend and a retired policeman. Through his new association with John, Harry relishes on a new release of life he has been given, such as riding a motorbike for the first time. John suffered a personal tragedy, his daughter Morag disappeared, as a result he was plagued with depression, but through joining Harry on his travels, he starts to see life in a positive way whilst looking to come to peace with Morag’s disappearance.

The storyline is light hearted humor and at times highly imitative, which adds to the enjoyment of the book. The story is very descriptive, maybe a bit too descriptive which caused the story to be slow and I struggled to keep my attention focused on the story.

The author, Caldwell, has strong roots to Scotland and Ghana; he was born in Scotland in 1950 and he met his wife in Ghana, these roots are reflected within The Parrot’s Tale. The story is based in Scotland and therefore follows a strong Scottish dialect and contains numerous Scottish and Ghanaian names which may cause teenage readers to struggle at times, especially if they are not familiar with these places. Therefore, I would suggest that the book be aimed more towards young adults rather than teenagers.

My advice, if you are looking for a light hearted, highly imitative and engaging book, I would suggest purchasing The Parrot’s Tale. Without giving away too much of the storyline, you will be able to discover whether Harry was able to locate Kofi or whether John was able to be at peace with his missing daughter or will events along the way change the final outcome?

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.50 (paperback)

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4 Star

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