The Facebook Killer Part Three by M.L. Stewart Review


Reviewed by David Savage

The Facebook Killer is a murder novel in three parts about a man who loses his family and takes revenge in Hannibal Lecter-style.

The Facebook Killer Part Three sees serial killer Dermott Madison, after having spent years in a psychiatric prison for his brutal and gruesome murder spree, released and on his final hunt and revenge attack on his wife and daughter’s killer.

After years in prison Dermott, Norman and Albert plan their revenge on Hamid. He has already killed his friends and family and plots to seek his ultimate revenge and now kill the man himself.

While Dermot and his “friends” have been locked up, Hamid has done quite well for himself owning a large portfolio of clubs and properties and by drug trafficking. When Norman Johnson is released the “rage” is now on the loose again and Dermott with the help of his “friends” must track down Hamid, destroy his life and ultimately deliver Hamid’s final punishment, a slow, grusesome and very painful death before the police can close in.

Overall, this is my favourite of the series (although without the first 2 it would have made no sense). Dermott is back to social media to track down his targets to get to Hamid and although at first it made no sense why his was choosing his targets about halfway through I did figure why before it was revealed.

The Finale, at first, is quite hard to keep track of Dermott’s friends but that soon passes. After reading the first two parts I couldn’t see how the story could progress without rehashing the same plot but M. L. Stewart has managed to pull it out with a very imaginative plot especially the ending and does keep you guessing until the very last page.

The Facebook Killer as the whole three parts is definitely worth a read. As long as you don’t mind an imaginative story and loss the mind-set of “that couldn’t happen” if real life, you are in for a thrilling and brilliant read. But be warned some of the torture scenes are quite gruesome.

A very exciting read with an imaginative and clever plot. A novel that has you willing the serial killer to achieve his goals.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £1.49 (Kindle eBook)

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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