The Coca-Cola London Eye Witch Academy Review


lehalloweenheaderThe London Eye
Witch Academy

24-31 October 2015

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

The Coca-Cola London Eye is an easy five minute walk from Waterloo, both main line and underground, and on arriving we crossed the road and made our way down to the river. The atmosphere was electric with lots of cruise boats out along the river, plenty of tourists taking in the sights and pubs and restaurants just a minute away. The Eye itself was lit up beautifully in a vast array of colours and looked stunning against the London backdrop.

The booking office is directly opposite The London Eye and after navigating what looked like queues but were actually people standing watching we were soon inside whereas as well as the booking office and fast track area there is also a café with plenty of seating and an array of different food and drink.

 On arrival we were greeted warmly by one wizard and shown to our group where we were handed a goody bag by another wizard. This contained a large orange and white lollipop, chocolate eyeballs, black witches hat and the Witch Academy Class of 2015 School Book and pencil. The majority of the children were dressed up in Halloween outfits including my son and we made a scary looking bunch! As there were 40 or so of us so the wizard split us into two separate groups, each of the group headed off to towards the capsule with their own wizard. We were then whisked off to the fast track queue and were on the London Eye in only a few minutes. I thought this was great as the children were excited and waiting around would have dampened their enthusiasm.

Once we were inside the capsule our wizard took us through all the lessons in the Witch Academy school book starting with a spell. In the centre there was a large cauldron for mixing spells and it also contained spiders and eyeballs for the children to use in their spells. There are four lessons in the book and through the time it took the Eye to go 360 degrees the lessons were read and at the end the book stamped to certify you were wicked enough to graduate. The children were all enthralled and enjoyed every minute of it as the wizard was so entertaining. The adults enjoyed his humour too.

Near the end of the rotation we were notified to stand by the window for a professional photograph. These could be brought at the shop at a price of £15.00 or £20.00 for two. There were also lots of other souvenirs on offer such as key rings and coasters as a memento of the trip.

We thought it was a great family experience as it was safe for little ones, exciting for the slightly older ones and the adults got to take in the amazing views across London’s skyline. The price was in line with other London attractions and the children got a goody bag to take away which made it worth the money paid. I’m sure the witches’ hat will be used for several years to come.

A great family evening out suitable for children from around four up to nine or ten. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Tickets cost: £18.50 Child / £29.50 Adult (book online to save money £16.65 / £26.55).

For more information to to book tickets visit

London Eye, Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7PB


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