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Tesco Basics Hand Mixer Review

Reviewed by Judy Cera

I received this hand mixer a week ago so I have had a week to try it out. It is a nice stylish shape and as it is white it will go with any colour of kitchen. The handle is very comfortable to hold. It is a very simple machine – it does not have any extra attachments apart from the two beaters, but as it is part of the Tesco Basics range, I would expect it to be simple and basic, and it is a very useful tool for many tasks.

The first thing I used my new hand mixer for was to make a packet cheesecake. It was the perfect thing for mixing up the cheesecake mix. If I hadn’t had the hand mixer I would have either used a hand whisk which would have been time consuming and hard work for my hands, or an electric mixer which is quite a lot of hassle. When using my electric mixer I have to get the big bowl out, attach it to the stand, attach the whisk to the mixer and switch it on. Then there are always bits of mixture that stick to the sides of the bowl and don’t get mixed properly with the liquid, so I have to keep stopping, lifting up the whole thing, scraping the sides of the bowl and switching it on again. And afterwards I have a big metal bowl to wash. With the Tesco hand mixer, on the other hand, it is all so much simpler. The two beaters are very easy to attach – just push them into the sockets in the mixer until they click into place. Then you can use whatever bowl you like, and it’s easy to see if there are any bits of dry powder that haven’t been mixed properly, and move the mixer around to make sure it is all thoroughly combined. Afterwards, you just have to push the eject button and the attachments pop out and are very easy to wash. The plastic body of the mixer can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

The next thing I made with my mixer was mashed potato. I was very impressed with how easy this was. I usually make mashed potato with a plastic masher but it is hard work and takes a long time, and often leaves lumps. With the Tesco hand mixer my potatoes were perfectly fluffy and smooth in no time at all and with no effort. I will definitely be making mashed potatoes more often now.

Next I used my hand mixer to make flapjacks. It was so quick and easy to combine all the ingredients together and I was very happy with the result.

The Tesco hand mixer has five speed settings but I found the slowest speed quite sufficient. The only negative point is that the cable is a little on the short side. It was fine when I used it in the kitchen, as the sockets are very close to the worktop but when I tried to use it in the dining room, I had to keep the bowl right at the edge of the table otherwise the cable wouldn’t reach.

 I am looking forward to experimenting with my hand mixer and using it for many more recipes.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £6.50

Available to buy from www.tesco.com.

4 half Star

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