T.G.I Friday’s Prestwich Review

Reviewed by Emma Bradley

We visited T.G.I Friday’s Prestwich for a weekend lunch. On arrival the staff were very helpful and friendly finding us a suitable table with plenty of room for 2 adults, a toddler and a baby in a car seat. There were a few customers in the restaurant but they spaced everyone out without losing the atmosphere. The restaurant is themed in an American style which makes a nice change to normal restaurant décor.

The waitress came very quickly to introduce herself and check we had everything, a slight wobble on the table (that we hadn’t even noticed) was quickly fixed and an alternative table offered if it was a problem. They brought crayons and an activity book for the toddler which kept him entertained while we waited for food. The crayons were new which was appreciated as often in restaurants you end up with the stubs of broken crayons and there was enough in the book to keep our 2 year old entertained but it would also appeal to older children.

The menu is extensive with plenty of choice available but easy to follow. The children’s menu has a good mix of choices so even the fussiest child could find something to eat. We opted for garlic ciabatta bread with Monterey jack cheese (£3.49), Jack Daniels Sesame Chicken Strips (£5.99). Both dishes were adequately sized without being too large to put you off your main and were nice and hot. We were especially impressed with the chicken strips which were delicious and we will definitely be ordering again in the future.

For main course we selected Jack Daniel’s Chicken & Shrimp (£13.99) which was a chargrilled chicken breast coated in a Jack Daniels glaze and Cajun battered shrimp, Friday’s Double Glazed Jack Daniel’s burger (£11.49) which was a burger with a Jack Daniels sweet and smokey glaze, Monterey Jack cheese, candied bacon and mayonnaise with fries and, for the toddler, Chicken tenders and fries (£3.49) from the Little League menu. When the food arrived we realised that we had forgotten to swap the mash for fries on the Chicken & Shrimp but the staff quickly brought a side of fries for which we weren’t charged. They also allowed us to keep the mash which we tried and our son thoroughly enjoyed. The children’s food came with a side of apple and pepper which were definitely a hit and a nice added extra. The big bonus was that the children’s food is served at an appropriate temperature on a cool plate which meant our little boy could eat his meal at the same time as us without having to wait for a hot plate to cool! All the food was very tasty and was exactly what we were expecting and all arrived quickly meaning lunch could be done in a relatively short period if you were on a tight timescale. We didn’t however feel rushed at all.

 All the soft drinks are refillable and the staff are quick to replenish them if you are running out. At the end we shared a Chocolate Fudge Fixation which was definitely sweet and filled that small remaining hole and nicely finished off a family meal. The restaurant and facilities were all clean and hygienic, a unisex baby changing (in the disabled) was large and well equipped.

Overall a pleasurable trip out with the family, with great tasting food – a restaurant we will certainly return to.

Rating: 5/5

For more information, to view menus or to book a table visit

T.G.I Friday’s, Valley Park Road, Prestwich, Greater Manchester, M25 3AJ | 0344 692 0261


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