SwannCloud HD Pan and Tilt Wi-fi Security Camera Review

Model: ADS-446


Reviewed by David Savage

Home security is a big issue and the Swann range of Wi-fi security cameras are excellent and the Pan & Tilt HD 720p is absolutely no exception and probably the best of the range I have tried so far due to image quality and function.

Setup is fairly straightforward – I tried it with a Samsung S3 Mini Smartphone, a 10” Samsung Tab 2 tablet and iPad Mini tablet.

Firstly I download the app on to both Samsung devices without any hassle but when searching for the app on the iPad Mini I could not find it on the app store (although the box states that it is compatible with iPad).

I then registered an account, again no problems. To connect to phone/tablet to the camera you need to scan a QR code that is displayed on the screen of the device you are using, the camera would not scan the code on my phone for some reason but worked straightaway from the tablet so I guess I wasn’t putting my phone close enough or maybe too far away. Both once it was scanned from the tablet I was able to access the security camera from both devices.

Now that is was set up I changed a few options such as camera name, turning on the motion, tamper and face detectors. You can also change image quality settings and resolution. The camera by default is in HD at 720p.

Once connected and logged in the camera has a very sharp image and can also pick up sound (although I was experiencing some strange feedback through the speaker, but then I did have quite a few electrical devices within the immediate vicinity of the camera).

You can take snapshots of images the camera sees and record them to an SD card (not supplied). You can also remotely pan (up to 350 degrees) and tilt (up to 100 degrees) the camera – move left to right and up and down, so you don’t just have the same image and you get a better overall picture of what is happening within the room you have the camera.

Now comes the best part, what use is the camera if you out? Well the camera app sends you notifications to your phone of tablet of any movement detected. Unlike the previous versions I have used when I got notifications of movement and then have to login and view – if you didn’t check straightaway you would miss what was happening, but with the Pan & Tilt I actually received video notifications so I would get a small video clip that I could play back. Excellent.

You can even share the captured video in various ways.

Overall, this is a great bit of security equipment, whether it is being used a deterrent or maybe you just need to keep an eye on elderly relatives, the kids or pets in your home while you are at work or out and about.

Superb, crisp and clear images that makes this a perfect addition to any home or small office. And being able to view while on the move with a smartphone or tablet is brilliant. And any captured video is saved to a secure cloud server. It’s easy to setup, easily wall mounted and has day and night vision.

Definitely recommended.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £150

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 half Star

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