Superdrug Beauty Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

I have horrible habits when it comes to skincare. Actually, my skincare routine, or lack thereof, makes my friends wince. I wear make up most days, I never remove it before bed, I actually have no idea what a day cream or a night cream is. I have always gone for the strategy of covering up spots, rather than trying to prevent them, and I wash my face with soap and water – nothing else.

Having said that, at the age of 34, I don’t think my skin looks awful. I’m prone to occasional hormonal outbreaks of spots and I probably have a few more lines on my forehead than I’d like, but I’m not hugely unhappy with the state of my skin. I am a little suspicious of lotions and potions that claim to reduce wrinkles and lines, and I’ve not yet found anything that can successfully treat spots. So when I was asked to try out a range of skincare products from Superdrug, I was keen to give it a try.

I was sent B.Lifted Contouring Cream (RRP: £12.99), Optimum PhytoFreeze Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream (RRP: £12.99), Deep Action Anti Blemish Overnight Serum (RRP: £2.69) and Deep Action Spot Clearing Body Spritz (RRP: £2.69).

I tried out the products for 6 weeks – the contouring cream  and eye cream both claim visible results in 4 weeks, so I thought trying them out for 6 weeks would give them adequate time to begin to work.

The contouring cream claims to deliver an instant tightening effect on the skin, diminishing lines and wrinkles within 4 weeks. It comes presented in a simply packaged box, which contains a 30ml plastic pump action bottle of product. The instructions suggest using the product twice a day, before using a day or night cream. I don’t use day creams or night creams, so I used the product on its own. I found that one pump of product was sufficient for each use, so the bottle will last quite some time.

The serum is light and silky, and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and has a pleasant, but gentle, aroma. I used the product twice per day, after my shower and before bedtime. I really like the way that the B.Lifted makes my skin feel – fresh and slightly tingly but in a pleasant way. I have to be honest and say that after 6 weeks, I haven’t really noticed a reduction in lines or wrinkles, but I do like how soft my face feels after I have applied it. The cream is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is not tested on animals.

The second item that I was sent was the Optimum PhytoFreeze Eye Cream. This product comes in a really premium looking silver and pink box, which contains a 15ml tube of cream. The tube has a clear plastic lid, showing off the silver applicator that is built into the top of the tube. Again, the product is designed to be used twice a day and promises results within 4 weeks.

You only need the tiniest amount of cream, so like the contouring cream, it will go a long way. I have to be honest and say that I did find this cream to be slightly sticky. I only used the smallest amount of it, but it does make my skin feel tacky for a little while after application. I don’t really suffer with the fine lines around my eyes that this product claims to help to reduce, although I do feel that for a period after I used the cream, the skin around my eyes felt smoother and softer.

Of the items that I was sent, I think that the Deep Action products were my favourites, possibly because they target my biggest skin issues – spots!

I actually received the products just as a little breakout was starting, so it was a good time to put the products through their paces. Both products contain Salicylic acid, which is the active ingredient found in prescription acne medications, to the maximum permitted concentration permitted for a non-prescription product.

The body spritz is designed to be used on the body. The instructions do not specifically say it shouldn’t be used on the face, and I do not suffer from spots anywhere other than my face, so I did use it carefully on my face (with my eyes firmly closed). The 150ml bottle has a pump action spray and the spray should be applied twice per day from a distance of 20cm, which means that a light spritz rather than a wet face is achieved.

The serum initially leaves a sticky feeling on my skin, but given that it is to be used overnight, this isn’t really a problem. By the morning, this feeling has gone, and I do believe that there was a reduction in redness and severity of breakouts. My skin does feel a little warm after this is applied, but given that it contains so much active ingredient, I think this is to be expected.

The spritz does make my skin tingle slightly after application, and there is a very slight dryness. Having said that, if it works, I can live with that. The product is used daily initially to clear the skin, then moving on to 2-3 times per week to maintain clear skin. I have to say that this really impresses me. Between the spritz and the overnight serum, my skin cleared up within a week, and I have found that whilst I do still suffer from the odd breakout, they last for a couple of days rather than hanging around for more than a week.

For me personally, I was much more convinced by the Deep Action products, although I accept that this could be because they tackle a problem that I have with my skin. I don’t consider lines or wrinkles to be an issue that I have (yet!), so I suppose I’d be harder to impress on this score.

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