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Super Wings High Flying Jett Review

Reviewed by Louise Watts

Having 4 children, I have spent endless amounts of money on toys which have been a combination of a complete waste of money and incredible value. Telling the difference between the two outcomes at the time of purchase can be very difficult.

It is easy to believe that high priced toys must be good value and lower priced toys are cheap for a reason. I can categorically tell you all that this is not always the case!

This summer, I have been trying to keep my children out in the sunshine (when we have had some) and away from the television and other popular electronic devices. This task in itself can be difficult, not to mention expensive.

We have as a result spent hours and hours playing with a new toy which my 5-year-old son (and the rest of the family) have fallen in love with. The Super Wings High Flying Jett retails at around £9, however through searching the internet can be bought for as little as £6.99 (exc postage).

The High Flying Jett consists of a handle with a pull cord and an aeroplane with flies into the sky once the cord is pulled. The product is marketed as being able to fly up to 20 feet into the air. I can hear you all thinking exactly what I was thinking before I tried it “no way will it fly 20 feet into the air”.  Well I have to tell you; I was amazed with the height this toy can reach. The first time I played with it I was stunned. As my son said, “It has gone higher than our house”. There are no limits to this toy. I was so impressed I called my 16-year-old daughter out to watch. Her response was a great big smile followed by “I want to have a go”. Within 20 mins of starting, all my 4 children (aged between 16 and 5) were outside seeing who could get Jett to fly the highest. The competition was on!!

The toy itself is made of strong, durable plastic which is essential for its longevity as with a toy that flies up 20 feet, it will take some serious hits at times as it lands back on the floor. The handle and the cord feel strong and sturdy and you know that this is not a toy that is going to fall apart on day 1. The pull cord needs to pulled fairly firmly to achieve 20 feet so with smaller children it may not reach that high without a little assistance / training. It is aimed at children aged 4+ and I think this is appropriate. Children under 4 may be at risk of not appreciating the potential hazards surrounding it and therefore could end up breaking things or causing injury. It is definitely not a toy to be played with indoors as you will end up with dents in the ceiling and potentially lose some plaster from the walls! This is most certainly an outdoors only toy. Care needs to be taken when playing also, not to discharge the aeroplane too close to other people or aimed at other people as this will most definitely cause an injury due to the force with which it takes off.

I would thoroughly recommend this pretty cheap, but fabulous toy. It is certainly going on my birthday present list for my sons’ friends this year! Hours of endless fun for less than £10. This is a complete must have outdoor summer toy. Get one before it is too late!!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9

Available to buy from

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