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Sugru Mouldable Glue Create & Craft Kit Review

Reviewed by Jane Warwick

This product arrived in a bubble wrap envelope. When the envelope is opened, there is a small cardboard box (undamaged), with the front of the box advertising it as a starter kit of mouldable glue. This you can use to create and craft and the box states this is a whole new way to glue and craft and mentions there are 16 unique ideas inside the box. This is puzzling. The picture with this information shows various small objects around a house; vase, scissors, coat hooks, doorknobs, mug, two small twigs and a larger twig plus a few books on a shelf on the wall. 

Inside the box:

  • 4 single use packs of Sugru of different colours: grey, white, red and black
  • a booklet of 16 craft projects
  • 1 texturing thimble
  • 1 texturing brush
  • a tin

The words below this list are “OPEN me” so this is what happened next! The front opens out as held down by a Velcro fastener and there is even more information about Sugru on one side informing you that this Sugru bonds permanently to ceramics, metals, glass, wood, and some fabrics and once again reminds you of the 16 projects. There are also life size images of what is contained in the box.

When the box is turned over, there is further information about the 16 wonderful crafty ideas or as they put it “16 awesome crafty hacks”. At the bottom of the box, there is a picture of a pair of scissors with a dashed line so once a pair of scissors is found, the dotted line is cut.  

Inside, the box, there is a small metal box with the word Sugru in the centre. When opening up the box, you are greeted with the other items of the kit which had been previously stated along with A6 size booklet. The booklet contained 16, yes 16 ideas on how to use the Sugru and it can certainly be said most of these ideas are unique! I will not spoil your fun by telling you about them. 

Anyway, having read the booklet from cover to cover, it was disappointing that the amount of Sugru available was small. My plan was to mend the very large ceramic plant pot that was blown over in the recent gales, but this required a large amount of Sugru, more than is in the starter kit. 

The Sugru website and retailers who stock Sugru also stock larger amounts in one colour for the big projects and I very much like the idea of being able to mend something and not only does it remain fixed but as it is also waterproof so can be used on objects outside. 

I resorted to Plan B which is to make sheep out of the white and black Sugru and stick these onto fabric to make Easter cards. The white Sugru was easy to handle but the black Sugru was softer and I managed to make my hands dirty and then the white became grey. However, once I was aware of this, I became more careful when moulding the glues. Sugru is certainly easy to mould and it is easy to make patterns on it. Once I had made the sheep, all I had to do was to press them down onto the fabric and they stuck to the fabric. I am impressed. I enjoyed being able to make different textured patterns with the Sugru and I used the red sample to make a rectangle which I then stamped letters into this so the letters formed a name. This rectangle was pressed onto the side of a mug.   I now have an attractive personalised gift which will look great with an Easter egg on top.  Very clever. The Sugru website also offers other ideas to the 16 ideas in the booklet and one that I thought was cool is if a piece of Lego and Sugru are used together they can attach your phone charger to the edge of a table and this looks neat too. An ideal Easter gift for teenagers and older and also something to add to an Easter list.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £11.99

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