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Reviewed by Laura Bown

If you are looking for some ‘different’ gift ideas for a stressed mum… Look no further!

I was really excited to come home and find my parcel had been delivered from I was really looking forward to trying a couple of different products, and had decided to have a rare pamper evening to celebrate the occasion. The stress no more website is full of really interesting health and wellbeing products to help you live life as stress free as you can. Right now, as a busy working mum, whose husband works away, I need all the help I can get!

I had two products to try, first up was Zinc Works Zinc Face & Body Wash (RRP: £9.99). This is a wash infused with zinc and refreshing essential oils. The first thing I noticed was the packaging, the black and white bottle seemed quite plain, and, at first, I was a little disappointed. However, the disappointment soon faded when I opened the top and had a quick smell. The lavender oil and rose water make it smell AMAZING! I’m so used to my day to day skincare products smelling very man made, but I could tell this was different.  

I had never heard of zinc in skincare products and was interested to read that it can reduce inflammation, and help with issues such as acne, eczema or dermatitis. I have quite changeable skin on my face that can suffer with oily breakouts, mainly hormonally driven. I can be particularly lax in the skincare routine department, and my skin pays for it. I like to cleanse in the shower every morning so this being a wash is perfect for me. I also suffer from occasional patches of eczema on my elbows and upper arms, which can be dry and itchy, so I was really interested to try this to see if it helped.

I used the wash every day in the shower for a week, for both my face and body. I was really impressed with how it cleansed my face and cleared oily patches. My skin tone seemed more even, with red patches toned down. I also found that the dry skin on my arms was definitely improved. It lathered well, my only complaint would be that the packaging needs upgrading. The wash itself is quite thin, a little goes a long way, but the bottle is just like a shampoo bottle, and I tended to find more coming out of the bottle than I actually needed. Priced at £9.99 for 200ml, I feel that improving the packaging would make it much more appealing. I would rate this as 4.5/5. 

Next up was the OWP Muscle Rub (RRP: £19.99). OWP stands for Organic Where Possible, and the muscle rub contains beeswax, lavender oil, sunflower oil and ginger. I was really looking forward to trying this as I do have an ongoing back and neck issue which causes me to have muscle pains, spasms and some neuralgia (nerve damage). So after I had a lovely shower using the Zinc Works wash, I used the muscle rub on my problem areas. 

Again, I really enjoyed the smell when I opened the muscle rub, the smell of lavender was perfect, as one of the main times I experience pain is just before bed. I was surprised that the rub wasn’t greasy, I expected the beeswax to make it greasy, but it was actually more gel like and easily absorbed. I have over the years tried lots of natural remedies, that are meant to help with muscle soreness and have never really found them to work. However, this muscle rub, really surprised me! After applying it for the first time, I found that my pain had definitely reduced and that some of the tightness in my muscles had subsided. I’ve actually been applying this up to 3 times a day as it helps so much. I’ve found it to work really well in conjunction with my neck massage pillow. I also tried it after a couple of exercise classes, and it did take the edge off my sore muscles. 

I was impressed with the packaging, which is a good quality glass jar. Over the week I had only used maybe a fifth of the pot so at £19.99 for 60ml I do think it is good value for money. Overall, I was extremely impressed with this, and I will be looking at the other OWP products and adding them to my Christmas list for Santa! I would rate this as 5/5.

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