Stib Inspirational Colouring Pencils Review


Reviewed by Hannah Chan

I am a huge fan of stationary, and love eco friendly brands so this company really tick all of the boxes for me, but I wasn’t prepared for just how wonderful they are.  Expecting a pack of pencils with motivational words on was one thing, who doesn’t love a good quality coloured pencil, but the whole message behind the pencils is phenomenal and really needs to take off. I can see these in schools everywhere.

Stib – Smart Thinking In a Box, have created a world where little animal characters named Stiblers, inspire children to be themselves, problem solve and create. Currently there are 12 Stiblers, all with their own unique message and gift. From Self Belief to Big Thinker. The characters are cute and engaging and my children loved that they all had their own stories to really make them come alive. They’re invisible and only appear when a child really needs them, so of course I couldn’t actually see the real Stiblers but apparently my children could.

Their website is a shining star, my older two (9 and 12) loved it. Reading articles about world changing children and the craft blogs. It kept them busy for ages. You can download colouring sheets too which is really useful for half term breaks or rainy weekends. I printed a few out to pop in my bag too.

Coming back to the pencils themselves, they are lovely. Great quality and chunky, perfect for little hands! Gifting wise they’d be perfect for younger children. I’d happily give or receive these as a gift to a child aged 3-7 for a birthday or even back to school treat. These pencils are a great size for stockings and they came highly commended in the Rainbow toy award in 2018!

They arrived in a little cardboard tube, sturdy and well made. It’ll stand up to being bashed about in my handbag ready for those times when my littles can’t wait any longer.

In the box are ten pencils, it comes with a sharpener and a little colouring/puzzle sheet so that you can use it for those times when out and about when you need something to keep them happy for a while. Each pencil is about 3 ½ inches long and has three sides, no corners just nice and rounded. Perfect for little hands. They colour very well too, a good strong colour not wishy washy like some pencils and fab for shading.

On their online shop they sell longer, thinner pencils which would be perfect for older ones. Along side these pencils are several gift boxes which are very well put together. Some even go through the letter box.

For each purchase, 10% of the profits is donated to Spark All, and provide educational projects to young people. They also donate their pencils to young carers, which is fantastic.

These fantastic little pencils are on the higher end price wise for children’s pencils at £7.95 a mini pack of ten, sharpener and colouring sheet. It seems better value to purchase one of their gift bundles I think. However saying this, they really are well made and I adore the message behind them. The website really is worth checking out too.

Rating: I give these pencils 4 .5/5. Love the item, love the concept. 

RRP: £7.95

You can find the pencils here. Make sure you check out the rest of their shop.

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