Start-Rite Charge Children’s Shoes Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Start-Rite make quality shoes for children and have been doing so for 225 years since 1792! With 5-year-old twins that go through shoes at a rate of knots, I was delighted to try out the Start-Rite Charge range of shoes.

‘Charge’ – the toughest Start-Rite shoe ever, an all-terrain design for every young adventure seeker. The shoe features advanced synthetic nubuck 360-degree protection and an ultra-flexible traction sole, a removable, moulded footbed, with anti-bacterial lining and padded ankle for the busiest feet. Abrasion tested against stones, chisels, sandpaper and more!

We received a pair in Grey/Orange (size 10 and F width) and a pair in Blue (size 9 and F width), the boys picked the colours themselves from the website.

The Grey/Orange are a grey shoe with orange sole and trimmings. The Blue is made up of black, two different blues and, what I would describe, turquoise sole and trimmings. The shoes feature a Rip Tape and elasticated ‘fixed’ laces (they do not need tying/untying). They are well cushioned inside and the toe is quite flexible. The rubber soles are accompanied with water-resistant synthetic nubuck plus super strong nylon-bonded thread for maximum durability. They also feature padded ankles, antibacterial linings and a moulded footbed. They look and feel very comfortable.

The fit on both boys is very good (I did go up a size for both boys as they do seem to be inbetween sizes, and I am a glad I did), they fit well with a small bit of room to grow into without being to big that they can’t walk properly in them (or in their case run as soon as they were on!). They have both said the shoes are soft inside and feel comfortable and they both love the vibrant colours on the shoes (very appealing for children).

Both boys seem very comfortable when wearing them, whether walking or running and both have said that they love their new shoes.

For me, the design and colouring are great. They are very well made and seem very durable. With some of their other shoes the rubber toe cover starts to come loose after time as both boys have a habit of dragging the tops of their shoes on the ground, effectively peeling off the rubber toe guard – this won’t happen with the Start-Rite Charge and the toe guard is bigger and not so close to the front of the shoe, so should last a lot longer.

Overall, the boys and me love the shoes. They look great, feel great, are comfortable and look like they will easily stand up to the rigours of 5 year olds running around. They are well constructed, and you can clearly tell that they are excellent quality.

While they are slightly more expensive than a lot of other shoes, they will last a lot longer and support children’s feet. A good shoe that fits well, are robust and durable and look good is definitely worth the extra outlay as they will last longer and be better value for money.

Excellent quality shoes with 360-degree protection that will support and protect children’s feet, whatever activity they may be doing.

‘Charge’ are available in blue, orange, pink and black with sizes ranging from small size 7 to large 4 in multi-width fittings (E, F, G and H).

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £47.99

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