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No more sewing or ironing on labels


Reviewed by Louise Totton

My two children have recently had a growth spurt. And as any parent knows, this is an expensive time. Not only do I need to buy new clothes, school uniforms and shoes, I also have the tedious and time consuming task of naming all of the new school clothes, PE kit and trainers.

I remember when I was a child, my mum sat on the sofa stitching name tags into my uniform one by one. She was also able to repair all of my clothes and knit gloves and scarves. I am not my mum. I have neither the patience nor the ability to securely sew name tags into jumpers and coats. I have tried and the result is an unfortunate combination of wonky, loose and visible from the outside.

I have tried various iron on name tags, with varying success – some came off in the wash, some faded and some were actually very good but the iron-on nature of them meant they were no good for coats or track suits.

It, therefore, could not have come at a better time that I was asked to try out Stamptastic’s ink pad and rubber stamps. Stamptastic claim on their website that the impressions from their inks last wash after wash, and that the ink can be used on fabric, wood, metal and some plastics.

The process of ordering the stamps is quick and simple. I used my mobile phone to design my stamps and place the order and it worked really well.

I would imagine that most people would have their child’s name on their stamp. This can then be personalised by choosing from one of five fonts, selecting the size of the font and also being able to add a little picture / icon to your stamp. You can then see your design in actual size, and determine whether your text will fit the stamp.

My children don’t have particularly long names, but I found that if I wanted an icon, I would have to split their name between two lines, which I wasn’t keen on, so I decided to forego the icon as I preferred it all on one line. Stamps are ordered separately to the ink pads, so I added two stamps (£10 each) and one ink pad (£12) to my basket and checked out using PayPal.

My order arrived a few days later and was exactly as the preview had said it would be. The stamps are clear Perspex, which makes it really easy to position them accurately, even in places where it’s only just a fit.

I stamped all of my daughters’ school uniforms, their coats (which don’t work with iron-on labels) and their shoes. I also stamped their pencil cases, lunch boxes and some of the books that they have taken into school.

Five weeks later, I have to say that I’m impressed. The school uniform items have all been washed at least once each and the impression is as bright as it was the day I stamped it. Whilst the lunch boxes and pencil cases haven’t been washed in the washing machine, they are in frequent use and the lunch boxes have been washed by hand and again the stamps are clearly visible.

The process is far quicker even that iron on tags, and even when they do start to fade, it will be very simple to re-stamp them.

The only real limitation that I have found is that the stamp is only available in black. This isn’t an issue for my younger daughter’s uniform, but my eldest wears a navy polo with a royal blue jumper. The only way to get a visible impression on these was to stamp the labels. That isn’t an issue for us, but I know that lots of kids are sensitive to labels and have them cut out of clothing.

Overall, I really like the product. It’s by far the simplest and quickest method I have used for naming clothes and I think it’s great value for money, especially as you can just order a new ink pad when yours runs out.

I’d give it 4/5, only because of the issues stamping darker uniforms.

Rating: 4/5

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