Spiderman Ready Bed Review


Spiderman Ready Bed


Reviewed by Emma Baker

I didn’t tell my two kids that we were expecting this so when we picked it up, I left it in the living room for when they came down next morning. My son was the first up and the high pitched excited scream gave it away that he was over the moon! The colourful box gave it away as to what was inside, as there was no escaping the Spiderman themed box.

There was no waiting until bedtime to set this up, he wanted it out and wanted it out NOW! So we set about opening the box which was quick and easy, I didn’t check the back of the box to see what it contained so was pleasantly surprised when I saw it included a foot pump to inflate it, bonus!!!

The bed and the pump were both packed in separate packages and where simple to open. While I set about unrolling the bed my son was having fun with the pump blowing air everywhere. Though I must admit I was a bit worried how long it would take to pump up the bed as I would have normally cheated and used my electric pump from the car. The pump came in 2 pieces, the pump and the nozzle that easily fitted together. The 'plug' on the bed was located in the pillow end under a piece of fabric which was good so that you could easily hide it away from little hands. The nozzle fitted easily into the plug hole and I was quite surprised that it only took me about 5 minutes to fully inflate the bed even when my son jumped on it halfway through and nearly pushed out all the air I had put in.

When I took the nozzle out of the plug hole there was a little disc covering the hole which meant you didn’t have to scurry about trying to fit the cover before all the air came out.

My son took no time in getting in his new bed and zipping up the fitted sleeping bag.  One happy little boy.

When my daughter woke she too was over the moon at what was lying on the living room floor and took no time in throwing her little brother out of the bed so she herself could get in. The bed was big enough for the pair of them to fit in, and even with two children lying, jumping and rolling over the bed it didn’t seem to lose any of the air and was just as comfy as when I first pumped it up.

That night to test the bed properly my son had a sleep over in his sisters room and couldn’t wait to sleep in his Spiderman bed, even though it had a little pillow in the head of the bed he still wanted his normal pillow, so armed with that and his teddy he settled in, was zipped up and off I went to leave them to it. It must have been comfy as after 10-15mins when I went back up to check on them he was fast asleep. I did worry about him being too hot as we have had some nice weather so didn’t know if he could just kick the blanket off with him being zipped in, but I shouldn’t have worried as when I next went up he has managed to get out of the cover and was lay on the other end of the bed. He was a very happy little camper.

The age range on the box states 3+ my son is 2½ and had no problems with the end, zip or even the pump. It was easy to open, inflate and use. What make it more appealing is that you can easily deflate the bed and roll it up and store it in its very own little carry bag, and its machine washable. I haven’t tried to get the covers off and wash them but it does look simple enough. So even if it does get dirty from being carried about you can rest assured that you can throw it in the washer and it will come out as good as new.

I would recommend this to any parent, it’s the ideal solution to 'not having enough room' on those kiddie sleep overs, and as its easily rolled up, it doesn’t take up much space.

A huge thumbs up!

Rating: 5/5

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