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Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed Review

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed
Limited Edition
Playstation 3 Format

Reviewed by David Savage

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is much more than a racing car, you start off in in a racing car which transforms into a boat which you hit a body of water and into plane for mid-air races making it the ultimate racing game. Not only do you get to race but along the way around the track you can pick up mystery weapons to take out your opponents.

Overall, not being a lover of racing games I absolutely love this one as it changes so much depending on the routes that you take – from racing on roads to them suddenly dropping away into rivers or the sea changing your car into a boat or a plane. Not only do you have to look out for your opponents but obstacles are placed around various points of the track. You can also collect weapons to use against your opponents but beware they can collect them and use them against you too!

A very simple to play game, I finished first overall on the first level of career mode. Very easy to understand what to do and what button does what and the graphics are amazing. It is very fast paced so you do need good hand/eye coordination.

You can play time trials, challenges, career mode and play with up to 10 players online.

It is a very addictive game and with plenty of drivers and levels to unlock it will get you entertained for a while and if your kids are lucky enough you may even let them play!

Very addictive and enjoyable, highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

Available for Xbox 360, PS3, Playstation Vita, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U from Amazon here.

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