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Sneezy Panda Board Game Review


Reviewed by Kat Harrison

This week, there’s been laughter aplenty as we reviewed a game called ‘Sneezy Panda’ by British-based toy company John Adams. My girls have giggled hysterically; infectious guffaws, hilarious, happy tears and smiles all round!

The game is pretty straightforward, easy to assemble and requires just 3 AAA batteries. Sam is a panda who loves to collect flowers and leaves in his basket, but there’s a problem – they make him sneeze.

Before the game begins, up to 4 players select a colour and gather up the six flowers and leaves of their chosen shade. One of the players then presses a button on Sam’s head; Sam starts spinning to music and everyone starts placing their flowers and leaves in his basket. But every so often, Sam will sneeze; a big puff of air sending the basket’s contents flying and the players in a mad dash race to return them. The aim of the game is to be the person with the most flowers and leaves in the basket when Sam stops sneezing.

The girls love the sneezy sound effects and this giddy game suits their lively, excitable natures to a tee. Every time Sam sneezes and the flowers flutter away it results in mass hysterics. Complete joy! At the end of every game make sure you’ve collected and packed away all the pieces – the leaves and flowers are pretty small, flimsy pieces of fabric that are easily lost on carpets and blown under furniture.

The instructions do suggest there are two different play modes: competitive or cooperative; but as long as Sam’s sneezing and the flowers are flying, everyone will enjoy!

Sneezy Panda is a super quick and easy to play game. It’s recommended for ages 4-10 but those younger as well as older, will easily get caught up in the fast and furious fun and frolics! It didn’t take long for my six-year-old to cotton on that if she held onto her leaves and flowers as long as possible and popped them into the basket at the last possible second, she’d be more likely to be declared winner. We quickly had to establish an extra ‘no-holding on to the pieces’ rule. With this little rule in place and adhered to, it’s a game my girls can enjoy together when Mum and Dad are busy.

If your kids are a fan of games like Pop Up Pirate, Buckaroo, Orang-u-twang or Greedy Granny; they’ll simply love Sneezy Panda. We’ve only had this game a few days and it’s been played countless times… I do wonder when the novelty will wear off. I’m sure it’ll enjoy a rest in the toy cupboard after another week or so, but I’m pretty certain that each time it’s resurrected, (perhaps with visiting new players), the laughter will be of equal measure as to that of its very first outing.

The RRP is £23.99 but if you shop around you’ll definitely find it cheaper. I’ve spotted it on numerous websites including Smyths, The Entertainer, Amazon and Argos. The RRP is pretty reasonable; it’s not just a physical board game, it’s a reason to laugh and a means to bond. You can’t put a price on laughter. This game has the potential to draw the whole family together and to create some fabulous memories of marvellous mirth!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

RRP: £23.99

For more information please see the John Adams website here.

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