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Reviewed by Sarah Cooper

The Slush Cuppy from Firebox is a product that children would usually only dream of. Years ago, you could only get a slush if you were lucky enough to negotiate with your parents to buy you one from the vat of churning luminous liquid in the slush machine. I dread to think about the number of E-numbers I must have consumed over the years drinking these, but now Firebox gives us a chance to create our own little frozen wonder from the comfort of our homes…

The Slush Cuppy is basically a plastic cup with a handle, inside the cup is an inner core which you take out and place in the freezer for four hours. Once the inner core is frozen, you simply pour in your chosen liquids and use the included spoonstraw to stir until the drink crystallizes. The drink is then ready for consumption and can be sipped up through the spoonstaw.

The back of the box lists various recipes to use in conjunction with the Slush Cuppy. There’s ‘Cherry Grape Slushy’ which uses a combination of cherry and grape juice, ‘Mocha Delight Slushy’ a mixture of coffee and chocolate syrup, and ‘Tropical Island Slushy’ which uses pineapple juice, coconut cream and pink grapefruit juice. There are many more listed on the box, but that should give you a feel for the wide variation of drinks you can make using this product. My only slight complaint is that I would like to have seen these recipes printed on a leaflet rather than the back of the box, because I would usually throw out any packaging for ease of storage. But the recipes are available on the Slush Cuppy website anyway, so it doesn’t matter too much.

With the actual product, I had absolutely no cause for complaint. The results were wonderful!  We even made our own recipes using various juices we had in the fridge, so the world is really your oyster for drinks that you could try. The only thing to remember is that the Slush Cuppy doesn’t work with sugar-free drinks. We intend on purchasing some various flavoured syrups such as rose, chocolate and orange syrup. You can even purchase the syrups they use in shop-bought Slushies online too!

The instructions on the box told us to stir for a few minutes, and this meant stirring for about 5 minutes. It was actually amazing to watch, and my two sons gathered round to watch the process. You could see the ice forming around the edge and then through the stirring process it disperses evenly throughout the drink.

For us, the results were actually far superior to traditional machine-made slushies as you don’t get any hard lumps of ice. The ice was very granular in size, and so was a delicious texture that was both refreshing and tasty. The whole drink could be drunk without any drained white ice remaining at the bottom, if you are a slushy fan you will know this age old problem!

Given the price of £9.99, I’d say this is a definite investment and I can see this becoming a soothing aid when the kids are ill with things like tonsillitis too. You aren’t able to put the cup in the dishwasher, but nonetheless it was very easy to clean. We are giving this the big thumbs up!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy in Blue or Red from Firebox here.

4 Star

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