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Slumberdown 3-in-1 All Seasons Duvet (King Size) Review

Reviewed by David Savage

We have recently decided to replace our bedding – I am fed up of engaging in duvet wars with my partner, and in desperate hope of a warm night’s sleep, one strategy thought I thought I’d try out is swapping the double duvet that we had on our double bed for a king sized one. Given as we have had a pretty changeable spring and summer, weather-wise, to date, we weren’t quite sure what tog rating of duvet to go for. We had had a 4.5 tog duvet on the bed for a little while, but it’s not quite warm enough on occasion, but we didn’t want to put the 13.5 tog duvet back on as it’s been far too warm for that.

We have loved our Slumberdown 4.5 tog summer duvet, so turned to Slumberdown again when it came to looking for a king-sized duvet for the bed. Having had a look to see what options there were, we saw the 3-in-1 All Seasons Duvet, which seemed like a very clever idea and an ideal solution. The All Seasons duvet is comprised of two duvets: a 4.5 tog and a 10.5 tog, which can be used as they are for hot summer weather or slightly cooler nights, or they can be combined and attached together via poppers to create a thicker 15 tog duvet.

This duvet is made from Cloudspun polyester filling, which is a super lightweight and fluffy filling and it has the added benefit of being machine washable at forty degrees. The polyester filling is also ideal for people who might suffer from allergies to feather or down duvets.

I have to say that both my partner and I were really impressed with this duvet. The idea of being able to combine duvets is really clever, and it effectively saves us the storage space as we would need to own and store three duvets normally to have these three different levels of warmth, and king-sized duvets are big things. With this one, it’s as simple as one on the bed and on under the bed, or in the winter when we need a very warm duvet, we don’t need to store a duvet at all, meaning more space under the bed for hiding Christmas presents in November and December! As there are two separate duvets, it would also be ideal to leave one of the duvets on the bed in a guest bedroom if you are very short of storage space.

The duvets pop together very easily and securely with plastic popper similar to the ones that you find on a duvet cover. The duvets, in any combination, are light, fluffy and very comfortable to sleep under. Even with the two duvets popped together, they still fit with no problems at all into a standard king-sized duvet cover and we haven’t noticed any slipping at all.

We are really happy with our All Seasons duvet; the quality is fantastic and it is wonderful to sleep under. It has given us the flexibility to get our sleeping temperature just right. Unfortunately, it still hasn’t solved our duvet tug of war issues. I still have it stolen from me every night, but at least the other half of it is tucked handily under the bed, should I be unable to retrieve ours from her!

Rating: 5/5

Cost from £20 and available in Single, Double and King Size.

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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