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Sleeping Dogs Review

Sleeping Dogs

Xbox 360, PS3, PC DVD

Reviewed by David Savage

After returning to Hong Kong from America undercover policemen, Wei Chen, takes on his biggest undercover job of his career – infiltrating the Triads. He has to join a gang and take them down without blowing his cover. To do this he has to undertake missions with brutal consequences.

While travelling around seedy underbelly of Hong Kong by foot, motorbike or car you can do favours for people to gain Cop, Triad and Face points which unlock new abilities while helping out the locals. But to gain the trust of the Triads Wei Chen has to break the law and not get caught himself.

Sleeping Dogs is a third person perspective role playing game for one person. Set in an open world of Hong Kong where you are free to wander around, interact with different characters, steal vehicles and drive around the city, martial arts and weapons fighting. As well as completing your missions to infiltrate the Triad you can do karaoke, join a fight club, get a girlfriend, buy new clothes and if the mood takes you, even use the toilet!!!

Overall, if you enjoyed Grand Theft Auto games you will love Sleeping Dogs – it is much better quality with fantastic fight scenes, gun fights and driving with a great storyline making the cut scenes interesting to watch. From delivering payments for lunch, issuing beatings, stealing cars and dumping cars in the harbour to help out the Hong Kong citizens as well as the missions to gain trust with the Triad this keeps the game interesting and keeps you playing. With high quality graphics and sound the gameplay is excellent. Sleeping Dogs is rated as 18 and due to the bad language, drugs and brutal violence I think this is correct.

Excellent fun and great value for money.

Rating: 5/5

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