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Sky Dancers – Jasmine Review

SkyDancersJasmineSky Dancers – Jasmine

Reviewed by Louise Platt

My daughter and I were asked to review Sky Dancers – Jasmine from Character Online. This is a toy which is suitable for children aged 5+ and on first impression I think it may appeal to girls more than boys as it is very pink and girly. The basis of the toy is a plastic fairy (Jasmine) who perches on a flower. When you pull the magic chord on the flower base and let go, Jasmine flies up into the sky and pirouettes gracefully with her wings outstretched. It’s a very clever gadget and my 6 year old was drawn to this toy immediately with ooohs and aaaahs as I tried to get Jasmine out of the packaging (which is as hard to negotiate as with all plastic toys but very pretty!). We quickly worked out how to use the Sky Dancer – keeping her upright seems to be the best approach – and found it an easy toy to use.

Having said that it does need to be used with caution and there are warnings on the box to this effect. i.e. Jasmine should not be pointed at anyone to avoid any injury.

Two days later and Jasmine is still being played with. My son (4 years) is also very taken with her so it goes to show that it’s maybe not a girls’ only toy after all. He likes the idea of launching her up into the sky. Notably when she comes crashing down each and every time she seems to take it quite well showing that she is pretty robust!

SkyDancersJasmine1I wouldn’t say there is much educational value to this toy other than to demonstrate perhaps the effect of gravity. We did have to explain that pointing her horizontally wouldn’t work as her wings only flare out when she goes upwards. She is a very pretty fairy and the movement you get from her when she does fly up (apparently up to 3 meters although we have yet to try her outside and she hasn’t hit our ceilings indoors yet!) is very graceful.

It remains to be seen if she will still be popular in a week or two but my two kids have enjoyed playing with her so far and this toy has even given my daughter a chance to role play so I would recommend it to others.

I think the price is quite reasonable as well and I really hope she lasts for many, many more flights!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £12.99

Available to buy from Character Online here.

4 Star

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