Serenata Halloween Themed Flowers Review

The Witching Hour Bouquet

Serenata Flowers

Reviewed by Amanda Browne

It’s always a risk ordering anything from the internet. How do you know if the seller will even send the goods you have paid good money for let alone the quality of them and if let or when they will arrive. I certainly have never ordered flowers from the internet, it would worry me that the flowers would be of no decent quality, or buy a bouquet and get little for your money, or they arrive in a bedraggled condition.

I haven’t ordered from Serenata Flowers before, whose motto is ‘more than flowers can say’ so having seen online the three varieties of Halloween Flowers on offer from the Autumn range, which were Pumpkin Spice, Blue Dendrobium and The Witching Hour, I was prepared to be happy whichever bouquet arrived. They all looked equally gorgeous.

The flowers arrived mid-morning packaged in a large sturdy box, which was undamaged in anyway. It was well secured and had clear directions on where to open. Ok, having flowers delivered in a large white box doesn’t cause quite the stir in your workplace as an open bouquet, but at least they were intact and undamaged. On opening the box, the most beautiful flowers were within. My first impressions were stunning. All my work colleagues were extremely jealous! Ooooo, share was the cry.

The Witching Hour Bouquet is breath-taking, I absolutely adore it. The flowers were hand tied with a supply of water contained within the lovely clear decorated wrapping. None of the water had escaped, so they had been well packaged. Cleverly arranged my first impressions were how lovely it all looked. The lovely green eucalyptus foliage completed the most wonderful hues of winter orange I have seen in some flowers. Just simply gorgeous.

An amazing compliment to any Halloween Themed celebrations you may have been planning, no one could not be jealous of this stunning arrangement of flowers containing leucospermums, gerberas and clay red roses. I like to promise myself I will treat myself to flowers on a regular basis, as let’s face it whose bloke turns up every Friday with flowers wine and chocolates, not mine. And when he does, and let me say there’s nothing wrong with a fivers worth of flowers from Tesco, I’m grateful. However, had he come home with this particular bouquet, my gratitude would have lasted well through the weekend and beyond. Nothing warms the heart of your woman more than flowers, they speak to you, if my fella had bought me these flowers, I would feel very very loved.

I would have showed my love for at least a week!

Contained within the box are a comprehensive set of care instructions, letting you know how best to take care of your lovely flowers, which to an idiot like me is most helpful.

I most certainly will order from Serenata, they clearly sell quality flowers sent with love and care. Arranged beautifully, they can easily be transferred to your own vase and still look absolutely stunning. Thank you so much, I would highly recommend to all, I look forward to seeing more of your flowers, they are just gorgeous.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

Serenata Flowers offers the best possible prices and provides a fast and convenient way to gift fresh flowers to family and friends, whatever the occasion, offering FREE next day delivery seven days a week. Customers can order as late as 10pm for next day delivery.

Serenata Flowers sells affordable fresh flowers and bouquets lovingly arranged by floral artists and hand-delivered by couriers in the UK. For more information or to buy, visit

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