SensatioNail Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit Review


FuseGelnamelStarterKitFuse Gelnamel Starter Kit

Reviewed by Gemma Brunt

I love nail varnish, I own at the very least 40 bottles and though I love having my nails painted I can guarantee that within a day it will have chipped even the ones that claim a week’s wear won’t hold up, which is beyond annoying, especially when you notice just before you go out and don’t have time to apply the polish and leave it to dry.

As you can imagine I was delighted to be able to test the Sensationail FUSE Starter Kit. The product is very neatly packaged into a little cube which contains a gelnamel polish, mini LED lamp with plug and USB adapter, mini nail buffer, cuticle stick, mini pot of cleanser, 12 lint free wipes and a mini instruction booklet. Along with this I got a bottle of polish remover and 2 extra colours.

The instructions state that you should do each nail one at a time, I’m used to just slapping on my nail polish and waving my hands about to dry them as quick as possible, as I don’t have a lot of time to spare so I was a little put off that this would be too time consuming.

Following the instructions I worked through the 3 step procedure on each nail and by the time I was finished I had nails that looked like I’d been to a salon and unbelievably I’d done it quicker than when I usually paint my nails. After having your nail under the LED lamp for 30seconds (it’s timed so you don’t have to worry about looking at a watch) the polish is totally dry. I should point out that you can’t use the gelnamel products without the LED lamp.

I know when I opened the pack and saw I’d have to prep my nails before applying the polish I was a little daunted, I’m certainly no beautician, so how would I manage to do my own nails with gel, so at the risk of losing points for professionalism I will admit something to help put the minds at ease of those who think that it will be difficult to use this kit, I did my very first application after half a bottle of red wine and still ended up with perfect results… that’s just how easy it is!

I had 3 colours to try pink (Na-No way), silver glitter (Lights, Camera, Reaction) and pink glitter (Gone Fission), all one coat coverage. One coat I hear you say, yes I myself was sceptical expecting streaks but wow was I wrong. After applying a thin coat and having it under the lamp for the allotted 30 seconds I was left with beautiful nails not a streak in sight, the glitter polishes were subtle, the pink nice and bright. I myself added a 2nd coat when using the  glittery ones to intensify the colour (the instructions say that this is ok).

With its claims of  “one coat coverage, anti-chip technology, 30 second flash dry and megawatt shine” I was up for the challenge,  I now knew that I’d get shiny nails with one coat of polish but we’ll soon see how anti-chip you are! Oh my how surprised I was.

I have spent the day doing as much as possible to get the varnish to chip, and all I have to show for it is sore hands, not one single chip can be found. The gelnamel comes of easily with the remover though so you can change your colour whenever you feel like it, just like with a regular polish.


The starter kit itself is £19.99, each individual polish is £15 and the remover is £6.

Part of me thinks “£15 for a polish no way” yet I can’t help but think how easy I got salon like results in such a short amount of time, in my eyes it’s worth it just for the fact I can get up and do things straightaway instead of being stuck while my nails dry. Also with the fact that you do only require one coat, the well-sized bottle of gelnamel (10.65ml) will last a long time and you’d easily pay £15 per application to get a similar treatment at a salon. When you take this into account you can start to see it is actually value for money.

I myself have already made note of the next colours I want to buy and I’m now off to do my toes.

An amazing product.

See the “How to Fuse” instruction video from SensatioNail below to see how easy it is to use.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £35 – only £19.99 at Boots

Available to buy from Boots here.


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