Scratch Vietnamese Chicken Ga Kho Gung Review

Vietnamese Chicken Ga Kho Gung

Reviewed by Shelly Harper

With all the ingredients already prepared to cook a recipe and the convenience of a ready meal, Scratch is a delicious, healthy meal without food waste, hassle or frustration.  Created by Michel Roux Senior, Michel aims to offer his culinary guidance, paving the way for a broader and better understanding of home cooked food.

I was given Vietnamese Chicken Ga Kho Gung to review and when I was given the meal, I was relieved to see that I was met with all the relevant fresh ingredients, carefully weighed out and organised into separate containers so I didn’t have to take any time for preparation.

According to the instructions, this meal can be done in 3 easy steps, on the table in 8 minutes and all I required was a frying pan which was great for me as I’m no masterchef when it comes to cooking and certainly do not have the time to spend hours on end cooking meals.

So off I went… Frying off the chicken for a couple of minutes, adding in the garlic, chilli, ginger and onion (which are all in the same pot) and cooking it for a further couple of minutes. Once this was done, I added in the caramel sauce and noodles (which again have their own separate pots) and heated through for around 3 minutes. Finally I added the spring onion and peanuts (yes you guessed it, in their own individual pots) to mix through with the noodles before serving.

I was impressed to say the least as I had managed to cook a fresh, great tasting meal for 2 in less than ten minutes, now that’s my kind of cooking!

I would highly recommend the Scratch range to anyone as these meals are perfect for those that have a busy schedule, fancy a change from the usual convenience meal or just want to try something new. Like it says on the packaging… Scratch is a delicious, healthy meal without food waste, hassle or frustration.

Try it! Even the basic of cooks, like myself can’t go wrong. And at £5.99 it is great value for money for a meal for two.

Rating: 5/5

This and other flavours in the range are available to buy in selected Waitrose, Boots and Budgens stores and online at Ocado.

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