Schwartz Mediterranean Bag n Season Review

Schwartz Mediterranean Bag 'n Season

Reviewed by Nikki Prince

I like to cook but as a busy mum I don't have time to make tasty meals from scratch everyday so was delighted when I got the Schwartz Mediterranean Bag n Season to review.

I decided to try it out when my parents came to visit. The instructions are easy to understand and the step by step guide makes them easy to follow. 

You basically need to add your meat, in this case chicken thighs, and fresh ingredients, we used cherry tomatoes into the enclosed bag, add the special recipe mix and cook.  This really is a non messy, quick and effective way of cooking a family meal with lots of taste and flavours without having to buy lots of separate ingredients. Just add some side dishes such as potatoes, veg or rice and you have a great meal.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone and there are lots of different flavours to choose from including paprika chicken and Herby chicken. 

The next time you go shopping why not pick up a packet and give it a try!

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