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Schleich Figurines And Playsets Review


Reviewed by Laura S

Schleich has been producing figures and playsets for over 86 years. Their figurines look very realistic and are hand-painted to give such a natural appearance.

With shops reopening and the excitement of seeing items in real life before you buy them, Schleich is excited for you to see their new extensive range of animals, dinosaurs, magical creatures, and plays sets.

Schleich is a brand I knew the name of but not particularly familiar with compared to other brands. WeTHIS ITEM WAS GIFTED TO THE REVIEWER FOR THE PURPOSES OF WRITING THE REVIEW. ALL THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS ARE THE RE have a couple of animals, and my two children always admire the animal figurines when on display in a local farm shop.

My four-year-old daughter & seven -year-old son were super excited when we came home to a box of products review from Schleich. They loved that there was something for both of them.

We received from the Farm World range:
-Pony Agility Training playset
-Sunny Day Mobile Farm Stand playset
Suitable for 3-8years

From the Dinosaur range (suitable for 4-10years):
– Off-Road Vehicle with Dino playset
– T-Rex Attack playset
– Brontosaurus figurine
– Mosasaurs figurine

The packaging to play sets was very bright and eye-catching to a child. I like that the content of the boxes looked precisely like the pictures on the packaging.

Within minutes of opening the boxes, the playsets and figures we set up and play was well underway. They were both able to set the sets up by themselves, which was great for their fine motor skills and problem-solving by following the instructions.

It was lovely to see my two children playing together and letting their imaginations take over. It didn’t matter that one was playing with dinosaurs and the other with ponies. They made the play work and let their imaginations lead.
They had the dinosaurs visiting the farmers market to buy fruit and vegetables and then competing against the ponies in the agility training. The dinosaurs chased the ponies, and the farmworkers were putting the ponies in the jeep for a quick escape.

I could instantly see that the figurines and playsets were high quality and robust. Everything had excellent attention to detail, such as a petrol can for the jeep, scales for the farm stand and tools for the dinosaur keeper. These accessories added to the enjoyment and helped to nurture other imaginative ideas.

The playsets are brilliant as they contain everything to spark an imaginative play session: people, figures and accessories.

It didn’t matter that we had two different ranges, both were played together, and both enjoyed playing with each range equally.

The products arrived at such perfect timing for the awful wet weather. We have enjoyed endless hours of fun playing, with the two children enjoying playing alone, together or as a family. I love that they choose to play with these toys without me needing to prompt them to. The amount of times they say “can we watch or I’m bored” has reduced significantly. This makes me so happy. I wish I had discovered the playsets and figurines sooner.

Feedback from my four-year-old daughter was that she enjoyed that the ponies could do jumping, go to the market and run faster than the dinosaurs.

Feedback from my seven-year-old son was that he loved all of the accessories, especially the winch on the jeep, petrol can, the dinosaur catcher tool and that Mosasaurs mouth opened.

Overall I rate the Schleich figurines and playsets 5/5. There is something to suit every budget and for every child’s taste. The playsets can be added to, which adds to the fun and longevity. The products are of excellent quality and look so realistic that they will last a long time. Perfect for family time, screen-free time and imaginative play. We are looking forward to adding to our collection.

Rating: 5/5

The figurines and playsets can be bought from Schleich directly with prices starting from £3.49 for a figurine, up to £129.99 for a large playset or from The Entertainer.

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