Safeapzz PC Optimizer 2 Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Safeapzz PC Optimizer version 2.0 is a collection of tools for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 to remove junk files, temp files, cleans registry, spyware and adware and generally helps speed up your PC and helps to stop system crashes.

You may or may not know that every time you create a file on your PC, install a program, go on the internet or download files, temporary files are created and not always removed. Over time the more of these small files that your PC collects the slower your system will become and that’s all without the added bonus of spyware, malware, adware and viruses. PC Optimizer from Safeapzz helps you keep control of your PC by scanning and removing these files for you (you could sit there and remove a lot of these yourself but it is time consuming and obviously you would have to know where to look and to know what you are doing). It also cleans your registry file (this is the file that controls all your hardware and software, so when programs get installed/uninstalled keys are added to this file about them. So removing invalid keys from uninstalled programs etc… will help speed up your system.

Downloading and installing took less than a minute and doesn’t matter how little you know of PC’s, there is no configuration needed, just install and go. I installed it on a laptop running Windows 8.

Once installed it starts to run, scanning for junk files, spyware and adware, registry problems, system security and internet privacy. My first scan took around 30 seconds and found 369 errors (system temp files and registry errors). Once the scan is finished if any problems are found just click “optimize” and the problem files/registry entries are removed. I didn’t have enough problems to notice any speed difference but obviously if you were experiencing a slow system speed deleting these files will help speed up the system and free up hard disk space. As you can see from the image below I had 141.84 MB in 58 temporary files, so if you had thousands of these (which most PC’s probably will) a large amount of hard disk space would be freed up.


Once this scan is completed you are taken to the very simple main screen where you have different options: Smart Optimizer (this basically runs the scan that is run on startup), Registry Cleaner, System Cleaner, Duplicate File Finder, System Utilities (remove startup programs, uninstall programs, backup/restore and start/restart services), System Adviser (monitors Anti-Virus, RAM, CPU and Hard Disk performance), Settings (control whether to allow program to run scan at startup etc…).


Overall, a very simple and easy to use program that will solve a lot of very PC performance problems. For most users the startup scan is enough to fix problems (as temp files are created all the time PC Optimizer will always find something on the scan), and for advanced users using the simple menus give you more control to what you want to scan.

The nice little utility will keep your PC running smoothly and avoid the cost of having to pay someone to sort out most problems associated with speed, performance and system crashes.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £35


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