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Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Olivia Colman, Katie Leung, Lennie James, Jaime Winstone, Katharina Schuttler
Directed by: Charles Martin, Jonathan Pearson
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 174 minutes (approx.)
Release Date: 22 July 2013
RRP: £15.99

Run is a new 4 part drama recently shown on Channel 4 and is released on DVD on 22 July 2013.

Run is 4 separate stories about 4 different people and that are all connected to each other in a very small way and how they must each face life changing decisions in their hard lives. A single mother trying to bring up her w teenage boys alone, a young Chinese immigrant struggling to find enough money to pay her gangmaster, a recovering heroin addict who just wants to see his daughter and a polish woman whose boyfriend is found murdered but opens up a whole world of lies.

Episode 1 – Carol (Olivia Colman) is faced with a life changing decision for her and her 2 boys when then commit an unprovoked random act of violence that has devastating consequences. She has to decide to cover for them or do the right thing and turn them over to the police.

Episode 2 – Ying (Katie Leung) is a young Chinese immigrant who has been smuggled into the country and has to find enough money each week to pay the gangmaster but selling fake DVD’s and stolen goods or face the consequences. When things go wrong and has nowhere to go she turns to the one person who was always kind to her but this goes with a new set of problems.

Episode 3 – Richard (Lennie James) is a recovering heroin addict who wants to have contact with his teenage addict. Every day is a struggle and when things go wrong and his plans fail does he go back to what he knows or continue his fight to stay clean and hope to see his daughter.

Episode 4 – Kasia (Katharine Schuttler) is a Polish cleaner who when she finds out her boyfriend has been murdered her whole life begins to unravel when she finds out he had large gambling problems and having an affair with a stripper (Jaime Winstone). She is left to clean up his mess with crippling debts and ends up in grave danger.

Overall, Run is a series of 4 hard-hitting dramas set in London about people who lives have briefly touched in some small and the hard choices that they have to make to survive. Very well written and Olivia Colman seems to be everywhere at the moment but she plays the part of the single mother with 2 yobs for sons superbly.

With murder, illegal immigration, theft, illegal marriages, drugs and hardship Run takes a look at the worst problems in society in a very powerful way.

Well worth watching.

Rating: 4/5

Run is available to buy on DVD from Delta Leisure here.

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