Rock & Ruddle Natural Bristle Hairbrush Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Well what can I say about a hairbrush apart from the fact that it brushes hair?

The Rock & Ruddle Rabbits hairbrush that I received is a small (4.6cm x 17.5cm) lightweight brush decorated with rabbits and carrots and has two sets of bristles; natural boar bristles and nylon tips. It is also available with very soft bristles (ideal for under 2’s).

Both sets of bristles on the version I received are very stiff and perfect for thick hair (so no good for me then unless my hair decides on a growth spurt). I was testing this out with my young niece, who will soon be 4, as she absolutely loved the rabbits design. The brush goes through her hair quite easily and does detangle it with relative ease, although she did complain that the bristles “scraped her head”. Brushing her hair with this brush was a lot quicker than her normal brush and she didn’t put up as much of a fight as usual and it didn’t seem to pull her hair as much.

Now for the technical part: Natural bristles have microscopic scales that release and spread the natural oil produced in the scalp (sebum) down each hair shaft making it shiny, supple and healthy. The bristles also keep the hair clean as the scales pick up dirt and excess oils as the go through the hair.

I can’t possibly comment on the microscopic scales or the spreading of natural oils but her hair does look better, whether that is from the microscopic scales or just the fact it is detangling her hair easier I don’t know, but whatever it is it seems to work.

Cleaning the brush is easy by dipping the bristles in warm soapy water, rinsing with cold water and towel drying (do not submerge the brush in water). There are full care instruction on the Rock & Ruddle website.

£20 for a hairbrush seems very expensive, at least to me, but it is a good design, sturdy, comfortable to hold and makes brushing my nieces hair a much easier and painless process (for both of us) and her hair appears to look better for it, so on that I would have to say that it is value for money.

There are other designs available and some are in larger sizes as well, but my niece loves the cute little rabbits and with Easter coming up it would make a fitting gift as an alternative to chocolate.

Suitable for adults and children.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £20

Available to buy from Rock & Ruddle here.

4 half Star

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