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Roblox Jailbreak: Museum Heist Playset Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

My 7-year-old twins, like lots of other kids, love playing Roblox on their tablets more than probably all the other games they have on there put together. I don’t like them spending too much time on their tablets, limiting them to 1 hour per day of non-schoolwork related tablet/laptop use. Their favourite Roblox games are Waterpark, Hide and Seek Extreme and Escape the Supermarket. My sons play pretend Roblox games during their non screen time. Roblox missions are also incorporated into bath time, family walks and when I am getting my little boys dressed in a morning. We call that game ‘escape the mummy’. To succeed in their mission my sons must put on every item of their clothing before ‘escaping the mummy’ and going off to do whatever activity they would like to do. I was therefore delighted when I was offered the Roblox Jailbreak: Museum Heist Playset to review.

The playset has been put together so that the fun of the Bloxy award-winning Jailbreak game, created by Badimo can be recreated. The playset arrived quickly, well packed in perfect condition. That said, with 2 little boys usually chomping at the bit to try out any new toy I was relieved to see how quickly and easily I could remove the contents from their packaging.

The set is clearly made to last. It consists of 33 pieces which include 6 characters (more about them later in my review), various weapons, a mummy in a container, a helicopter with hoist, money, a police shield The building itself including 2 pictures on the walls and various accessories for the characters to use. The helicopter has parts which move, and the front can be opened up so that one of the Roblox characters can be placed inside to pilot it. The main part of the helicopter is big enough for a couple of characters to come along for the ride. Constructing the museum takes about 5 minutes. The walls are designed to slot in place quickly and easily and take apart quickly after play.

Now for the characters. The 6 characters included with the playset are Sneaky Criminal, Thieving Criminal, SWAT Boss, Scared Cop, Unkempt Collector and Kempt Collector. I love the fact that the pieces come apart and can be interchanged. As a parent I love the names given to the Roblox characters. They are fun and so easy for children to remember. It’s great fun thinking up the role each character will play in the heist. One character is Sneaky Criminal. Sneaky Criminal is the mastermind behind the heist. Coming up with scenarios about how the heist will take place is great fun. Thieving Criminal’s plan is to hook up the mummy and its container to the helicopter hoist and escape that way. I love the fact that both Sneaky Criminal and Thieving Criminal are wearing orange jumpsuits. Of course, Kempt and Unkempt Collector are part of the heist plan. Their job is to look out for security patrols. SWAT Boss plays a big part as he or she bursts in catching the criminals mid heist. Scared Cop hides behind the wall and is too afraid to act.

I think that this playset is great for encouraging conversation and communication between family members. Even the inhabitants of our dolls house can joined in the fun. The cheeky criminals leave so much scope for imaginative heist ideas. The helicopter can even take the inhabitants of our dolls house on exciting day trips too. I love the fact that the parts of the playset can also be used in other ways. 

A few final points – The characters are the perfect size for little hands to play with. The whole playset can be taken apart and packed away quickly taking up very little space. We have another Roblox playset and the characters from it have been helping out to catch the criminals. The playset also came with a Collectors checklist and exclusive virtual item code. I love the fact that this code can be incorporated into online play.

Overall this is a wonderful well-made playset which is only limited by the imagination. I think that this playset will stand up to hours and hours of rough play and likely be passed on in the future for another child to enjoy. Good old-fashioned play together really is the best and any toy such as this one which encourages it gets a thumbs up from me.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £49.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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