Roaring Raa Raa Lion Review

Roaring Raa Raa Lion

Reviewed by Sandra Reynolds

I was excited as much as the children were for Raa Raa to arrive, a very popular programme in my house. All the children were waiting for Mr Postman to arrive. As we got him out the box excitement filled the room and we opened the packaging… Unwiring Raa Raa from his box was pretty easy usually you need a bunch of tools and patience to get toys of their boxes but this was simple and very easy and no need for tools or tiny hands for fiddly parts.

As soon as we got him out he was on the floor, I read the instructions but before I even could read the first sentence the children had him roaring away. You simply push his head down and he speaks various phrases and then you let go and he roars making movements simultaneously. He only does his roaring so he might get a little bit boring but the kids were sitting with him for a good hour pushing his head down and making him roar followed by lots of laughter. The children thought he was great and now goes everywhere with my little girl and makes a big appearance when Raa Raa comes on the T.V.

Very happy children. A very nice product.

Rating: 4/5

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