Rings On Their Fingers Series 2 Review

Rings On Their Fingers
The Complete Series Two


Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Diane Keen and Martin Jarvis
Certificate: PG
Number of Episodes: 7
Number of Discs: 2
Running Time: 209 minutes (approx.)

Rings on Their Fingers is a British sitcom that was shown on television between 1978-1980. Series Two was shown in 1979.

At the end of series 1 Oliver Pryde (Martin Jarvis) married Sandy Bennett (Diane Keen). Series 2 sees the Pryde’s trying to adjust to married life.

Episode One: An anniversary goes wrong with Sandy supposed to be babysitting and Martin going for their anniversary dinner alone only to end up babysitting!

Episode Two: Oliver offered promotion meaning they have to move to Birmingham and Sandy give up her job (this pleases her as she wants to be a housewife). After quitting her job Sandy gets drunk at lunchtime and costs Oliver his promotion.

Episode Three: Things are hard now that Sandy has no job and Oliver lost his promotion so Sand gets a new job which could see her earning more money than Oliver and that upsets him. She then gets sacked before even starting.

Episode Four: Sees Oliver and Sandy wanting to sell their flat and move only to find that the flat is not worth as much as Oliver thought.

Episode Five: Moving day, as they have sold their flat they are packing up ready to leave. When Sandy finds some old letters written by Oliver to her it creates problems as Oliver just keeps saying the wrong thing and digging himself deeper.

Episode Six: Sandy and Oliver finally move out and have to go and stay with her parents for a week. Oliver and her mother do not get on and as hard as they try they just keep arguing until he finds out some interesting information. After problems getting into their new flat they then get squatters when they turn their backs.

Episode Seven: Their squatters have gone, furniture in but after a visit to their old flat decide that they need all new furniture. Sandy devises a scheme to get a company loan which gets them the loan and a promotion.

Overall, having only been 6 years old when these were on television I had never seen it previously but I did find it enjoyable and funny. Even though they had been living together for 6 years before getting married they are trying to get to grips with being recently married and moving house resulting in situations resulting in near disaster with Oliver losing a promotion due to a drunk wife and then thinking his wife is having affairs with several different men on her first day out of work. Very easy to watch, funny and enjoyable. Very entertaining.

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