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Wholegrain Baby Food

Reviewed by Katy Webster

I received a selection of the new wholegrain range of baby foods from Plum, which included:

Banana and Pumpkin Little Yums wafers
Spinach, Apple and Kale Little Yums wafers
Plum, Strawberry and Barley Organic Wholegrain Blend
Blueberry, Parsnip and Buckwheat Organic Wholegrain Blend
Courgette, Banana and Amaranth Organic Wholegrain Blend
Raspberry, Spinach and Greek-Style Yoghurt Organic Yoghurt Blend
Mango, Carrot and Greek-Style Yoghurt Organic Yoghurt Blend
Kale, Apple and Greek-Style Yoghurt Organic Yoghurt Blend

The Little Yums Nibbly Wafers come in a box which has 6 packs of 3 wafers inside. The wafers are a generous size, and are rectangular in shape. The sharpish corners of the wafers were particularly appealing to my 8 month old for jamming against his sore gums! You can also split the wafers lengthways down the middle to make them more ‘finger food’ size. Once they have been chewed on, the consistency is quite sticky, which means they stick to your baby’s hands, so are less likely to be flung on to the floor! I liked that they did not become a ‘pastey’ texture once wet, as many baby biscuits do, as these are a nightmare to clean up.

The wholegrain and the yoghurt blends come in handy 85g pouches. This means you can feed your baby half of a pouch with some other finger foods, or feed them the whole pouch as an entire meal. The pouches contain so much healthy fruit, vegetables and wholegrains that you don’t feel guilty for feeding them ‘just’ the pouch!

My baby really enjoyed the flavours, especially the courgette, banana and amaranth one (I had never even heard of amaranth before!). My 3 year old was also pleasantly surprised by them, as he was keen to sample the fruit and vegetable combinations too – raspberry and spinach was a favourite! I think the way that Plum have mixed up fruit and vegetables in this range is fantastic, and very inspiring. The addition of wholegrains, such as barley, amaranth and buckwheat to the blends makes them more substantial than a basic fruit or vegetable puree, and packs in even more nutrition.

The entire range appeals to me (and my baby!) a lot, as they contain so many delicious, healthy things. I would definitely recommend the range to my fellow parents.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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