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Playmonster Silly Sounds Game Review


Reviewed by DT (initials used to protect my childrens’ privacy)

I regularly try to get games for my children to play as they can be such a fun but important way to learn.  My twin sons, who I do sometimes refer to as ‘twinkles’, had their 9th birthday in summer.  This product helped make their birthday extra special this year.

The game arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The box looked appealing to adults and children alike.   I didn’t feel that there was excessive packaging.  The box seemed to be the perfect size for its contents which were:

  • 4  headbands with ears
  • 80 silly sounds cards
  • 12 x blank cards
  • 1 x spinner
  • 1 x timer
  • 1 x rules

Whilst a pen/pencil was not included in the contents of the box, this is something which I think most households would have readily available. I know that myself I tend to carry a pen with me in my handbag.  I do think that writing on the blank cards may be a good idea so that what’s written can be easily rubbed out and the card reused on a future game playing occasion.  I think that having a good few blank cards acts potential for so much more fun and silliness.

My 16 year old daughter, 18 year old niece and 9 year old twin sons played this game together and it really was a case of fun and laughter from start to finish.  I was delighted that I had found something suitable which covered all their age ranges. 

How the game is played – a spinner is used as well as a timer.  Players both make sounds for the other players to guess and guess the sounds made by other players. 

I think that the 80 silly sounds cards were very funny, silly and well thought out.  Just reading some of them is enough to make you laugh so much.  Part of the fun was when despite making a great effort, others could not make the guess the sound that someone was making.  I think the game was made even more exciting by one player playing some of the time, and all players at other times based on where the spinner ended up.  Being time limited because of using the timer just added to the fun.

This game is for 2-4 players aged 8+.

My children and niece had so much fun playing the game.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.  I think that the RRP of £13.99 represents excellent value for money.   I would buy this product as a present for a child or adult in my life. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £13.99

This product can be purchased from Playmonster via the link below.

This review has been written as part of a wider piece of coverage about a Summer Birthday Celebration.   Do have a look out on the website for the other reviews that are a part of this coverage plus the main review-led article. At the time of writing this review, the review-led article is not yet online.

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