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Playmobil Large City Zoo (Product No. 70341) Review


Reviewed by DT (initials used to protect my childrens’ privacy)

I wanted to make the 9th birthday of my twin sons very special and so was over the moon to be able to review the Playmobil City Zoo.  Both of my sons love animals and learning facts about them so even before the product arrived I had a feeling that it would be a bit hit with them… and let’s face it, me too as a 47 year old big kid.

The product arrived quickly in perfect condition.  I didn’t feel that it had excessive amounts of packaging either which is a good thing. The box is so appealing to children and adults alike. It didn’t stay closed for long once one of my twins, J spotted it.  He set about unpacking the contents which included (as mentioned on the Playmobil website) 2 x men, 2 x women, 1 x girl, 1 x boy, 1 x giraffe, 1 x baby giraffe, 2 penguins, 4 baby penguins, 1 pelican, 4 pegs, 1 mole, 1 butterfly and 1 mouse.   Accessories wise the set included rocks, the zoo entrance, a cash register table, bottle, donuts, balloons, a newspaper stand, plant pots and plants, a cash register and more. I think that Playmobil have clearly given a lot of thought into the contents included and this makes the playset so true to life.  The box tells me that the playset is for children aged 4+.  It does have a lot of small parts.   Speaking of the parts, so much detail has gone into the content and clearly quality materials have been used.

Even before we had tried to put together the playset as per the easy to follow instructions, J was doing role-play with the animals.  I love the fact that some baby animals are also included.  I think that this can potentially help children learn about nurture by role-playing the adult animals taking care of their offspring.   As with all Playmobil instructions I have come across, the instructions are clear and easy to follow.   This is a huge relief for myself as I do tend to find following instruction booklets hard at the best of times.

My ‘twinkles’ are lucky enough to have several playmobil Playsets, some of which have been purchased and some which we were lucky enough to receive on a gifted basis to review.  Generally speaking I would say that Playmobil toys are up there amongst my sons’ favourite toys.   I think that there are just so may potential benefits of playing with this Playset – coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving, imaginative play and more…

What’s lovely is that there is scope to bring out other toys in the home, both Playmobil ones and otherwise, and play with multiple toys together.  The characters could, for example arrive at the zoo via train or leave in a helicopter. My sons’ dinosaurs could also go for a day out at the zoo.

I recommend not just this product but Playmobil in general to others.  I think that this product would make a fantastic gift for a special occasion whether a ‘well done at school’ gift, for a birthday, a ‘Just because’ gift or a Christmas Gift.

There is so much to this playset that it holds my son’s attention really well.  I can see this playset being passed on for another child to enjoy in the future.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £59.99

For more information please see the Playmobil website here

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.  

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