PLAYMOBIL Fairy Carry Case Review


Fairy Carry Case

Reviewed by Rachael Osborne

My daughters were very excited waiting for this to arrive! We had seen adverts for the PLAYMOBIL fairy range, and my littlest daughter (5) had both a princess and fairy PLAYMOBIL set for her birthday. The packaging was bright/colourful and easy to remove; it consisted of cardboard wrapped around the case. The pieces inside were bagged up to prevent losing them. This, in my honest opinion, was perfect as it meant the girls could start playing quickly! The carry case is very sturdy and easy for children to open and close. It is drop proof, i.e. it doesn’t burst open when dropped, perfect for my clumsy kids! The PLAYMOBIL was easy for my daughters to construct. The instructions were easy to follow as they are a step by step visual guide and my daughter (7) constructed it quickly and easily.

The PLAYMOBIL Fairy Carry Case is sturdy and flexible, and has not broken despite being trodden on! I love the bright colours of the pieces and the fact that you can create different things and use them with other PLAYMOBIL sets. This set is ideal for girls aged 4-10! In the set there are 49 pieces. We had a beautiful fairy with a big and small unicorn, both very cute! There were also two bunnies and a tree and bush to make. Sophia and Lucy have loved playing with this and it has been taken to their grandparents’ house. I know that this will be played with lots, and Sophia has already excitedly shown me the other PLAYMOBIL Princess and Fairy so I think I know what Father Christmas may be bringing! I love that the girls both enjoy using their imaginations when they are playing with this, and the other PLAYMOBIL sets. The stories they come up with are amazing!

I would highly recommend this product to others; it’s especially ideal due to the carry case which contains all the little pieces safely!

We would have to give this a massive 5 out of 5 and at only £9.99 is excellent value for money. With Christmas coming up this would make an ideal present.


Other PLAYMOBIL Carry Cases in the range are: School, Soccer, Pirates, Police, Knights, Shop, Western and Dragon.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £9.99

Suitable age: 4-10 years

Available to buy from PLAYMOBIL here.


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