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Play in Choc, Toy Choc Box, Selection Box of Six, Review


Reviewed by H Chan

Play in Choc are an upcoming brand, who prize themselves on being ethical, sustainable, organic and vegan.  Hard to believe right?  They’re also gluten free, sesame free, nut free and soy free, using only a handful of ingredients. Ingredients from just three organic plants!  No refined sugar or additives, no nasties.  Their factory handles none of the common allergens making this chocolate safe for those with allergies.  Play in Choc, produce an affordable alternative to chocolate eggs which come with toys, named the Toy Choc Box.

I am fussy with chocolate!  I love it, and so do my family, so when I get a chance to try a new brand of course I get really excited.  We all have completely different tastes and preferences.  I’d never tried this one before, but I had seen it on sale in my local health food shop.  I am a ‘label reader’ and conscious of what I feed to myself and to my family.  I have a gluten allergy and a possible lactose intolerance so have been trialling different vegan chocolates recently.  I also love brands who are ethical and use less ingredients, so Play in Choc really appealed to me.

I received a selection set of six standard, and six Christmas Play in Choc Toy Choc Boxes.  I shared them (begrudgingly haha) with my family; my husband and three children.  My selection arrived completely plastic free, with maize beads to protect the product.  It arrived perfectly!

Each box comes with a small toy, made from cardboard.  Two 10g pieces of chocolate and a little fun facts card about the toy.  To play with the toy simply pop the pieces out from the pre cut card, and slot them together.  Their range includes dinosaurs, endangered animals and themed sets such as Christmas.

We all enjoyed the concept, the chocolate was nice but on the bitter side if you’re used to higher sugar chocolate.  I love bitter or dark chocolate, and the children were quite happy with it even though it wasn’t as sweet.  It was a little much for hubby though, but he isn’t a fan of dairy free or dark chocolates.  He much prefers over sweet, cheap chocolate, but he isn’t the target market really so we don’t need to worry about him.  The kids enjoyed it.  I feel it’s just the right amount of chocolate too, four small squares, equalling 10g each.

The card animals and figures are really cute.  The board is thick and robust, meaning they stand up to actual play and are very simple to put together.  My middle daughter, 11, liked to line them up on her shelf and wants to collect them, whilst my son, 8, just wanted to play with them.

The beautifully coloured cardboard box is plastic free.  Which is a huge bonus.  The wrapper on the chocolates is also compostable, which I found brilliant.

As the Play in Choc chocolate contains 1/3 less sugar than other brands, it is a lot kinder to little ones and those looking to lower their sugar intake but still indulge in a sweet treat.  They use coconut sugar, which gives a slightly different flavour to the chocolate than the usual refined sugars other chocolates have.

When comparing to other chocolates with a similar concept (Kinder being the obvious one) Yes the price point is a little higher, however it is all of the above and isn’t any less than those products.  It still has a toy and 20g of chocolate. It’s just the whole package will naturally cost more as it isn’t mass produced with cheaper ingredients.  A lot of effort has gone into making this low sugar, dairy, nut and gluten free and still interesting for children.  I’d pay the little extra knowing I covered all of the bases and was helping to protect the environment at the same time.  This company also uses UK suppliers, so the little extra is going back into local areas.

This product has won so many awards, from the Best Vegan Chocolate Award, to the International Chocolate Awards.
I am really happy to have discovered these to be honest, and to have been given the chance to try them.  We have a few children in our family and friends group who are vegan or have milk, nut, soy allergies.  It is amazing we have found a giftable chocolate which tastes and looks appealing.  So guess what they’re getting for Christmas this year!

You can find out a lot of information about the company and the work they do here  I found their article on slavery free chocolate very interesting.  It is good to know that they use only 100% slavery free cacao.

Play in Choc Toy Choc Boxes, retail at £11.50 for a box of six, or £1.95 for one, and can be found here on Amazon here.  They can also be found in many ethical and health food stores, and shopping websites such as Ocado.

I really liked this product. I would happily give it 4 ½ out of 5 stars.  The ½ lost is for the price point, which, whilst reasonable, is a little higher than what the average parent or carer would spend in the shop as a quick treat.  I’d definitely buy these, but I think I’d use them as gifts and special treats because of their price.  The quality is fantastic and I loved their company story.

Rating: 4.5/5

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