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Philips 2 Slot Toaster Review

Philips 2 Slot Toaster
Model: HD2628

Reviewed by Dorothy White

The Philips toaster has an attractive green front and back, black top and sides with stainless steel surrounding the toasting slots.

I have toasted fresh bread which I struggled to get in sideways until I realised it went in long ways, and frozen bread. I even did a toasted cheese sandwich in a special toasted sandwich bag. It is great, the slots are wide enough to take two slices of bread with a filling. 

There is a control on the side with three buttons, one for fresh bread, one for frozen bread and a third for STOP!  Underneath there is a sliding temperature control ranging from 1 – 7, so you can adjust how brown you like your toast or toasted sandwich.

The box says it is for thick or thin, always golden brown – I agree!

A really wonderful, speedy toaster!

RRP: £35.00

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Philips here.

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