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Performance Meals, Weekly Diet Pack Review


Reviewed by J Wright

Performance meals are a high protein, low fat and low calorie meal option for those looking for convenience and diet appropriate foods.  I received a Weekly Diet pack box containing seven packs of pre-made meals at the appropriate portion size and a wide diversity of dishes. I’ve been able to choose from Moroccan Style Chicken, Peri Peri Chicken, Thai Chicken, Chicken Jalfrezi, American Beef, Cajun Beef and Caribbean Pork.

They arrived in a sturdy cardboard box with no need for refrigeration. Each meal is packaged in a plastic pouch which details all of the dietry information you should need for an informed choice about what you’re eating.  There’s no need to prepare food yourself, you can simply rip open the bag to microwave it, or serve in a bowl to warm it. I don’t have a microwave so I heated them in a pan on the hob top. This took cooking time from the predicted 2.5 microwave minutes to approximately 8 minutes on the hob. It wasn’t a hardship and each meal smelled appetising. They aren’t always fabulous looking straight out of the bag but once the meal is heated they look pretty good and generally they look like what is shown on the packaging, except for the serving suggestions adornments of herbs.

For those training and working out the high levels of protein are the right kind of combination to meet those muscle needs and to fill a fuel burning body. I never felt hungry after a Performance Meal and never felt I needed to augment the meal with anything extra.

For those on a calorie controlled diet these meals are competitive with a number of products on the market and far more focused on convenience and reducing carbohydrate intake which seems a more informed approach.
Because they’re in a pouch they’re really convenient for work lunches too and I can see a more strenuous hiking and camping excursion being made easier with Performance Meals. The lack of need for freezing or fridge storage is a boon for meals on the move.

For greater diversity there’s a second box type with some different meals. I really fancy trying the Katsu Chicken. In the Week Option 2 menu you’ll find:
• 1x Chicken Tikka
• 1x Asian Beef
• 1x Turkey Casserole
• 1x All Day Breakfast
• 1x Mexican Beef
• 1x Chinese Chicken
• 1x Katsu Chicken
I like how there’s an ingredient list which isn’t giving me endless additives and preservatives. I like to keep a close eye on sugars in these kinds of meals and that’s all detailed too.

Salt is listed but I felt I needed a little extra in a couple of the meals, generally though, with spices there’s a good amount of flavour. Something I have noticed in other pre-prepared meals is the ‘sameness’ of certain meals, with Performance Meals they are distinctly different in flavours and they look different too. There’s a reasonable amount of protein in each serving of Performance Meals. I was happy about this, I’m never a fan of trying to find the one piece of meat in more restricted meals and deciding if to have it at the beginning for save it until later in the meal – ha! In this case , with Performance Meals there was protein in every bite. This probably adds to that sense of having flavour in each one.

Rating: 4/5/5

This pack of performance meals is priced at £35.99 works out at £5.14 per meal. Or there’s a subscribe and save option reducing the package to £32.39 bringing down the cost per meal to £4.63. As with other products – the more you buy the cheaper it can be priced and there are options for larger packs available bringing the price per meal down to nearer £3.00. There’s also free delivery for orders over £60.00.

This product can be purchased from Performance Meals here.

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